Sa Piramide

We carried out permanent safety measures at the former landfill site, which was used in the past fordisposal of waste from the nearby industrial area.

From the remediation of the former landfill site to new projects for the area

Sa Piramide is a name given to an area that was used for the disposal of residues from zinc and lead production at the nearby Portovesme metallurgical plant, which became part of Enirisorse (Eni Group) in 1978. In 1999, the plant was acquired by the Portovesme company, with the exclusion of the former landfill site. This was subsequently sold by Enirisorse to Singea and, following the merger by incorporation, to Syndial (formerly Enichem). Eni's environmental company, which owns an area of 47 hectares at Sa Piramide in the Sulcis Iglesiente Guspinese Site of National Priority, has undertaken permanent safety measures at the former landfill and is awaiting certification of its remediation. In 2017, Eni Rewind notified the Municipality of Portoscuso of its interest in developing the area of the former landfill. The project includes a renewable energy training centre for schools and universities, a 1MW photovoltaic park, a mobile leachate treatment plant for the site and a recreational area.

Our activities at Sa Piramide

The former Sa Piramide landfill site was declared obsolete in 1992 at the end of its operation. Safety measures included covering it with HDPE sheeting, filling it with soil and vegetation, regulating rainwater, collecting leachate in a storage tank and discharging it to the water treatment plant at the adjacent factory. Following some problems with the surface insulation, Eni's environmental company prepared and presented a remediation project with permanent safety measures in 2001, in agreement with the Sardinia Region. Work began in 2004 and was completed in 2009. Eni Rewind currently manages the post-operational phase with maintenance and monitoring.