We have created the foundations for our circular project at the Sicilian site.

Gela, the beginning of our sustainability challenge

In Gela, a Site of national priority since 2000 with 795 hectares onshore, our activities are part of Eni’s plan for requalifying and relaunching the territory. The site's origins date back to 1960 when, following the discovery of oil in the Gela subsoil, the petrochemical plant was built. Between 1967 and 1968, Isaf, which was owned by Ente Minerario Siciliano (48%) with Anic (26%) and Montedison (26%), started up the complex fertiliser, sulphuric acid, phosphoric acid and acrylonitrile plants. In the 1970s the assets of cracker, high-density polyethylene and chlorine cycle and derivatives were added. The setting changed dramatically in the early 1990s: many production activities were stopped and, following the failed Enimont operation, the Isafshares held by Montedison and Anic were transferred to Enichem (Syndial from 2003, now Eni Rewind), which became the majority shareholder with 52% of the share capital. Remediation of the site began in 1999 and is managed by Eni’s environmental company, which also operates on behalf of Versalis, Enimed and Gela Refinery at the same site. 

Our activities in Gela

In Gela, Eni Rewind is the owner and holder of the remediation obligations for the former Anic areas and manages the Isaf environmental activities on island 9 (3 hectares) and at the former Isaf phosphogypsum landfill (52 hectares). The interventions, authorised by decree and in part already completed, comprised emergency and permanent safety measures, soil and water remediation, and the demolition of plants, warehouses and buildings, including the decommissioning activities covered by the Memorandum of Understanding signed in 2019. With regards to soils reclamation, environmental works have been ongoing on islands 2, 6, 9 and 17 since 2018. Between 2021 and 2022, the company completed the permanent safety measures of island 1. On the ISAF areas, the company carried out safety measures of the former phosphogypsum landfill and is continuing the emptying and dismantling of the former phosphoric acid plant, the decanter and the tank farm on island 9, one of the most complex remediation projects on the site, which began in 2016. On the multi-company site, Eni Rewind is in charge of groundwater remediation activities, also on behalf of the co-located companies, through the pumping and treatment of water as well as the application of a combination of innovative technologies tailored for the complexity of the site, which include the e-hyrec device and ground circulation wells. Since 2014, the monitoring protocol for hydraulic efficiency and hydrochemical effectiveness, approved by the authorities, is in use. On the decommissioning front, Eni Rewind has completed the demolition of the Acrylonitrile plant (island 17) and will start work on the warehouses and buildings on island 6, the former Agricoltura site.