We are carrying out safety and remediation measures at the site of national priority located in Tuscany.

Eni Rewind's commitment to the environmental remediation and regeneration of the Avenza industrial site

The former Agricoltura di Avenza plant covers 17 hectares. It is located in the Apuana industrial zone of Avenza in the municipality of Carrara, within the Massa Carrara Site of National Priority which was identified in 1999 and redefined in 2013. Its story began in the 1940s with the construction of Rumianca's base chemical and fertiliser plants and continued with the transfer to the Sir group in 1968. The legal transfer to Eni in 1982 resulted in the Avenza site being managed by ANIC and later by ANIC Agricoltura. During its very short period of management, ANIC Agricoltura concentrated on the production of fertilisers and herbicides. The other plants have been idle for years and are being dismantled. In the wake of a major incident in March 1984, operations were suspended and the plant closed in June 1984. In 2001, the site passed to Enichem (now Eni Rewind), which promptly took steps to implement safety measures and begin environmental proceedings for the remediation of the site.

Our activities in Avenza

We started emergency groundwater safety measures in 2004, with the construction of a pump and treat system and a groundwater treatment plant (GTP) that now reaches 160 cubic metres per hour. Between 2004 and 2005, we performed emergency soil safety measures by covering and sealing contaminated areas, and regulating and collecting rainwater. We have completed the demolition of obsolete industrial plants, excavating and managing unsaturated soil. The remediation project was approved in 2016, fifteen years after the start of the environmental process. The soil remediation project was approved in 2018 and is to be implemented progressively by plots, so as to ensure the steady availability of areas for new developments.