In 2016, we completed the environmental measures at the former landfills linked to Crotone's past production activities.

Remediation completed and certified

Eni Rewind has carried out remediation measures at three unauthorised landfills at the Cassano allo Ionio and Cerchiara di Calabria sites, both in the province of Cosenza. Although it is not the owner, Eni's environmental company has been working since 2008 to remove soil mixed with zinc ferrites coming from the Pertusola Sud plant in Crotone, which was permanently closed in 1999. The area of the three landfills lies within the perimeter of the Crotone Site of National Priority, which was identified in 2001.

Our activities in Cassano and Cerchiara

The remediation of the three unauthorised landfills, located in Chidichimo and Tre Ponti in the municipality of Cassano allo Ionio and Capraro in the municipality of Cerchiara di Calabria, started in 2008 with the characterisation of the areas and the removal of soil mixed with zinc ferrites. The last step was the morphological recovery, with final rehabilitation and landscaping. The activities were completed in 2016.