Sa Canna

From safety measures at the former landfills to developing tourism in the area.

From remediation to regeneration with the Santa Barbara Mining Trail

The Acqua Sa Canna site, in the municipality of Gonnesa on the south-west coast of Sardinia, included two landfills, Acqua Sa Canna 1 and Acqua Sa Canna 2 Guroneddu, for the disposal of waste from the metalworks at Portovesme and San Gavino Monreale. The Acqua Sa Canna 1 landfill was authorised to operate in 1992 by the Region of Sardinia and was permanently closed in 2001. Acqua Sa Canna 2 was built to ensure the continuity of waste disposal, but has not been in operation since 2003. Eni Rewind took over in 2005 following the incorporation of the company Ambiente and managed the post operam monitoring interventions until their conclusion in 2021. With a view to giving renewed value to the area, in 2018 we signed an agreement with the Cammino Minerario di Santa Barbara foundation thanks to which today pilgrims and hikers can travel the area of Acqua Sa Canna, included in the tourist-religious itinerary popular for the various testimonies of the mining history of Sardinia.

Our activities in Sa Canna

The landscaping of the Acqua Sa Canna 1 closure project involved waterproofing the surface, preparation of the sub-base and drainage, environmental rehabilitation and the subsequent planting of Mediterranean shrubs. The surface of the former landfill now has a panoramic viewing point offering views of the western coast of Sulcis. The activities related to the closure of the Acqua Sa Canna 2 Guroneddu landfill site included covering it with an HDPE sheet.