Pieve Vergonte

Extension of Pieve Vergonte SIN

42 hectares (of which approximately 37 hectares is the property of Eni Rewind)

Areas of provenance

ex Rumianca

Costs incurred

Approximately €170 million on 31st December 2019

Costs to be incurred

CAPEX approximately €140 million - OPEX approximately €3 million per year

An industrial story which first began in 1915

The Pieve Vergonte Site of National Interest is located in Piedmont, in Val d'Ossola. Its delimitation, as defined in Environmental Ministry Decree dated 10th January 2000, includes the area of the industrial site, divided into internal and external areas, a part of the Toce river and the Pallanza bay on Lake Maggiore. Eni Rewind owns an area of approximately 37 hectares inside the industrial complex which was commissioned between 1915 and 1920, located in Rumianca, a municipality which together with Fomarco, became what is now Pieve Vergonte. Its origins are linked to the company Chimica Dr. Vitale which produced chlorine-sodium, sulphuric acid and fertilisers here, before developing other activities at the service of the war industry. During the 20s the plant was handed over to Snia and then Rumianca (since 1967 part of the SIR- Rumianca group). This period saw the implementation of new production lines for DDT, chlorine derivatives, intermediates and finished products of the fertiliser cycle. It wasn't until 1982, under State-endorsed industrial recovery operations, that production activities were handed over to Anic (Eni group), then to EniChem Synthesis, which managed it until July 1997, when handed over to the Belgian company Tessenderlo, with surface rights over areas (appropriately 23 hectares). From this date onwards, Enichem, which became Syndial in 2003, now Eni Rewind, managed residual areas (approximately 14 hectares) and the area of the groundwater treatment part.It no longer had production activities and acquired reclamation obligations for the ground and aquifer. Hydrochem Italia operates on the site today and manages the chlorine-sodium plant, the chlorine-aromatics lines and the plant for the production of sulphuric acid from sulphur.
As regards environmental cleanup, since 1995 numerous characterisation campaigns were carried out on soils and groundwater which were all brought together in the Characterisation Plan presented in 1999 and once more in 2000, upon the Environment Ministry's request, following the entry into force of decree 471/1999 and, and approved in 2003. Over the years, Eni's environmental company has completed the emergency safety containment, demolition (DDT and chloral plants, former Sala Krebbs buildings and the CTE power plant), hydraulic barriers and the TAF plant, one of the largest in Europe, which treats approximately 6 million m3 of groundwater per year. In October 2013, after ten years of discussions with bodies and several project proposals, the Operative Reclamation Project was approved with Ministry of the Environment Decree, issued in January 2014. Since then the company has engaged in constant and constructive dialogue with local bodies, providing periodic reports on reclamation progress; it has also signed different agreements and protocols to ensure the issuing, by certain times, of authorisations necessary for the completion of required operations, including the complex cleanup of the original path of the Marmazza river.
On 31st December 2019, the economic commitment to safety containment, the demolition of plants, characterisation, soil and aquifer reclamation activities as well as the construction and management of the groundwater treatment plant (TAF) amounted to approximately €170 million. It is estimated that approximately a further 140 million euros will be required for the completion of operations, in addition to 3 million euros per year for the management of the TAF plant.


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