Manfredonia - Monte Sant’Angelo

Extension of the Manfredonia SIN

216 hectares (of which approximately 96 hectares is the property of Eni Rewind)

Areas of provenance


Costs incurred

Approximately €260 million on 31st December 2019

Costs to be incurred

CAPEX approximately €15 million - OPEX approximately €5 million per year

Manfredonia and Monte Sant’Angelo: the story of a complex reclamation

The Manfredonia petrochemical plant, located within the eponymous Site of National Interest (Law 426/98), was first opened in 1968 by Anic. It was then handed over to Chimica Dauna, which was successively incorporated in Enichem Agricoltura (2001). In the wake of the 1976 accident, caused by an explosion in the ammonia-urea plant with the release of arsenious anhydride, production was gradually phased out. Between 1988 and 1994, the activities of the caprolactam and fertiliser plants came to a halt.
Today Eni Rewind owns most of the site's areas, amounting to approximately 96 hectares divided into 17 "islands". Since 2003 it has proceeded with the demolition of plants, removal of waste from landfill sites and hot spots, as well as soil reclamation activities, as authorised by decree. Currently, soils which present residual contamination are located in islands 5, 9, 14, 15, 16 e 17 and amount to a total of approximately 2.6 hectares. Remaining site areas are uncontaminated, on the basis of characterisation carried out, or according to certification by bodies.
In 2016, Syndial presented its soil reclamation projects which still present concentrations exceeding the risk threshold. Those located in islands 9, 14, 16 e 17, have been approved and are pending a decree, whereas project proposals for islands 15 and 5 are currently undergoing revision and review.
With reference to aquifer reclamation, the analysis of contaminant reduction trends indicate that considerable amounts of pollutant have been removed and therefore that the reclamation system, implemented since 2006, has enabled the progressive improvement of water both at the site and downstream from it. A version of the aquifer reclamation project is currently being developed and provides for the revamping of the TAF, to accelerate the removal of residual contamination.
By 31st December 2019 approximately 260 million euros had been spent for all safety containment and environmental cleanup activities carried out at the Manfredonia site. It is expected to spend a further 15 million euros, in addition to approximately 5 million euros per year for the treatment of groundwater.


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