Extension of the Gela SIN

795 hectares (of which approximately19 hectares owned by Eni Rewind and approximately 55 hectare owned by ISAF)

Areas of provenance


Costs incurred

Approximately € 170 million (of which approximately 70 for Isaf) as at 31st December 2019

Costs to be incurred

CAPEX approximately €90 million - OPEX approximately €3 million per year

Gela, the origin of our sustainable challenge

If we were to identify the symbolic starting point of our sustainable development challenge, without a doubt it would be Gela, a Site of National Interest since 2000, with 795 hectares of land, approximately 17 of which are owned by Eni Rewind and approximately 55 managed on behalf of ISAF. Here Eni's environmental company laid the foundations for its circular planning, with the construction of a 5mwp photovoltaic plant in 2013 for the generation of renewable energy, on the permanent safety containment site of the ISAF phosphogypsum landfill (2009 Decree). A pioneering initiative at that time, which saves approximately 1,600 tons of oil per year. Gela is also where Eni with its environmental company "switched on" the pilot plant for the production of bio-oil from the recovery of the organic fraction of solid urban waste (OFSUW), thanks to proprietary Waste to Fuel technology. The aim of the pilot project is to gauge the potential of Waste to Fuel plants on a national scale. Since 1960, the year in which the petrochemical plant was built following the discovery of oil in the ground, Gela has always been at the heart of industrial development and innovation strategies of Eni group and other important companies. The first infrastructures were commissioned in 1962. Between 1967 - 1968, Industria siciliana acido fosforico (ISAF), a subsidiary of Ente minerario siciliano (48%), along with Anic (26%) and Montedison (26%), opened complex fertiliser, sulphuric acid and acrylonitrile plants. During the Sixties the cracker and high density polyethylene plants were added, along with the chlorine cycle and derivatives plant. The fate of the site changed starting from the early 90s, when many production plants, including those of Industria Siciliana Acido Fosforico (ISAF) were closed down. Downstream from the failed Enimont operation, ISAF shares owned by Anic and Montedison were taken over by Enichem, then Syndial in 2003, now Eni Rewind, which has a 52% registered capital holding. Currently the multi-company Gela site is home to Eni Rewind, ISAF which is in liquidation, and the company Raffineria di Gela (100% Eni) and Enimed, another Eni extraction company. Environmental cleanup operations first began in 200 and are managed by Eni's environmental company, which coordinates, also on behalf of other companies (RaGe, Enimed and Versalis), maintenance, monitoring and aquifer reclamation, emergency safety containment, the reclamation and demolition of any plants still present in the island 1 area (former chlorine-sodium plant 34), island 2 (former dichloroethane plant 35), island 6 (former Agricoltura 36), island 10 (former ethylene oxide plant 37), island 17 (former acrylonitrile 38), island 9 (former ISAF). As at 31st December 2019, Eni Rewind had spent approximately 170 million euros, of which 70 million euros for areas which are the property of ISAF. Further economic commitments for reclamation and demolition are expected in the order of 90 million euros, in addition to approximately 3 millions euros per year for the management of water treatment plants.


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