Extension of the Crotone SIN

543 hectares (of which approximately 78 hectares is the property of Eni Rewind, including the Cassano Cerchiara site)

Areas of provenance

Montedison – Enimont operation for the ex Agricoltura and ex Fosfotec areas; Pertusola Sud – via the subsidiary Nuova Samin (with CIPI deliberation in 1990)

Costs incurred

Approximately €160 million on 31st December 2019

Costs to be incurred

CAPEX approximately €180 million - OPEX approximately €6 million per year

A lengthy and complex environmental cleanup path

Inside the Crotone Site of National Interest, Eni Rewind owns industrial areas which occupy over 71 hectares, corresponding to decommissioned plants. Said areas were obtained from forced acquisitions by Eni, then a State Entity, under historic industrial recovery operations. The three plants of Pertusola, Agricoltura and Fosfotec and relative landfill sites all came to be part of Eni in different ways: in 1988 the Agricoltura and Fosfotec plants, then property of Montedison, were handed over to Enimont and successively, during the 90s, to Enichem due to the cessation of the Montedison-Enichem joint venture. Production activities ended between 1991 and 1993. The Pertusola plant was acquired by Eni in 1991, with CIPI Decree (Inter ministerial Committee for Industrial Policy), via its new subsidiary Nuova Samim, which back in 1988 had acquired part of the Pertusola Sud shareholding (former Pertusola Mining Ltd). Pertusola commissioned the first plant in Crotone in 1928; it was definitively shut down in 1999.

Eni's environmental company, extraneous to the industrial activity which determined the environmental state of this site, has undertaken emergency containment measures for the protection of soil and aquifers. Following the period of administrative management of the areas, as of 2008 the company presented aquifer reclamation projects (approved in 2015) and soil reclamation projects (approved in 2017). It had completed the demolition of all plants and presented eight intervention proposals for seafront landfill sites, which were not approved by bodies. The impasse was finally overcome in 2017 when Eni's environmental company, thanks to discussions with Entities and the Environment Ministry, presented the Operative Reclamation Project - Phase 1 regarding sea works eligible for anticipation (preparation for removal of landfills) and the Operative Reclamation Project- Phase 2 which was approved by the Services Conference in June 2018 and is currently pending Ministerial Decree. Over the years operations set forth in the approved project were implemented and by 31st December 2019 costs incurred amounted to approximately 160 million euros. It is estimated that a total of 180 million euros will be spent for the completion of works.


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