Cassano Cerchiara

Extension of Crotone Cassano Cerchiara Site of National Interest

543 hectares (of which approximately 78 hectares is the property of Eni Rewind)

Area provenance

Public areas in the Municipalities of Cassano allo Ionio (KR) and Cerchiara di Calabria (KR)

Costs incurred

Approximately €19 mln for waste removal activities

Costs to be incurred

completed activities

Reclamation for return to normality

In the public areas of the Crotone, Cassano and Cerchiara Site of National Interest, Eni's environmental company committed itself to reclamation operations at unauthorised landfill sites located in the municipalities of Cassano allo Ionio and Cerchiara di Calabria, both in the Cosenza province, approximately a hundred kilometres from Crotone. The extension of this site is 1.8 hectares.
In 1999 waste was found in areas of this site which was traced back to the disposal of "zinc ferrites" from the Pertusola Sud plant, where production had ceased in the same year. Waste had not been disposed of in authorised landfill sites, as specified in disposal contracts, but in rural areas of Cassano and Cerchiara. Despite not owning areas, since 2008 the company autonomously undertook reclamation activities, consisting of the removal of waste from landfill sites and their conferral to external landfill sites. In 2016 the company completed all reclamation operations, with the successive morphological recovery and final cleanup of areas where operations had been carried out. Total costs incurred by Eni Rewind for reclamation operations amounted to approximately 19 million euros.


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