Areas owned by Eni Rewind

250 hectares, of which 126 owned by Eni Rewind (of which 116 inside the petrochemical site and 10 outside)

Area provenance


Costs incurred

approximately € 40 mln on 31st December 2019

Costs to be incurred

CAPEX approximately €20 million - OPEX approximately €700 thousand per year

Thorough reclamation operations for the relaunch of Ferrara's economy

Activity at the Ferrara site first began with the commissioning of a plant for the production of synthetic rubber, by Società Anonima Italiana Gomma Sintetica. In 1950 the plant was acquired by Montecatini (incorporated in Edison in 1966 with the consequent foundation of Montedison group) which built the first Italian petrochemical hub here, with the construction of a cracking plant and the start up of the cycle of derivatives like polyethylene, polystyrene, ethylene oxide, polypropylene and elastomers. Many plants were partially shut down in the eighties and some activities were transferred. In 1982 Montedison handed the polyethylene branch of the company over to Anic and in 1983 the polypropylene chain was handed over to Himont (a Montedison and Hercules joint venture). In 1994 activities linked to ammonia, urea and fertiliser production were handed over to the Norsk Hydro group. In the meantime, downstream from the failed Enimont operation (an Eni and Montedison joint venture), the petrochemical hub was handed over to Enichem (Eni Group) which in 2003 became Syndial, now Eni Rewind. residual activities of the elastomer sector were handed over to Polimeri Europa in 2002, now Versalis. Currently the Ferrara plant is a multi-company site where Eni Rewind, Versalis, LyondellBasell, Yara and Sef all operate. Since 2001, all companies present at the industrial hub have signed a number of agreements to favour and coordinate reclamation operations. In particular, Eni's environmental company performed a characterisation of own areas, the emergency safety containment of the western area and prevention activities for aquifers in three different areas. Since 2003 it is also committed to the reclamation of surface matrices, confined aquifers (with the IFM consortium), the former Monteco Landfill site, the former Torch Zone, the PZPEC23 area, external areas and the Anthropic Mound (the latter on behalf of Versalis).
On the decommissioning front, the company is undertaking or completing the demolition of ABS buildings, CTQ buildings, the CTE1 and DEMI1 plants, the Tank Area, the Piezometric Tower which is the property of SEF and former Agricoltura buildings. By 31st December 2019 approximately 40 million euros had been spent for cleanup activities and it is estimated that a further 20 million euros will be spent, in addition to 700 thousand euros per year for water treatment plant management.


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Eni Rewind S.p.A. - Company subject to direction and coordination by Eni S.p.A.

Registered office
Piazza Boldrini, 1
20097 San Donato Milanese (MI)

Company Share Capital
€ 281.857.871,44 fully paid up

Tax identification and Milan-Monza-Brianza-Lodi Business Registry
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