Massa and Carrara SIN extension

116 hectares (of which approximately 17 hectares in Avenza is the property of Eni Rewind)

Area provenance

SIR Group (Società Italiana Resine)

Costs incurred

Approximately €40 million on 31st December 2019

Costs to be incurred

CAPEX approximately €55 million - OPEX approximately €1 million per year

Eni Rewind's commitment to environmental cleanup and the recovery of the Avenza industrial site

The former Agricoltura plant in Avenza occupies 17 hectares and is located in the Apuan industrial area of Avenza, in the Carrara municipality, within the Massa Carrara Site of National Interest. Site areas are of particular interest for reindustrialisation purposes in virtue of their geographic location, close proximity to an inter-modal hub and facilities. Attentive to the territory in which it operates and in coordination with bodies, Eni Rewind has designed an environmental operation to be implemented in land parcels, to enable the progressive transfer of clean areas for use for new activities. The story of this site first began in the 40s, with the construction of base chemical and fertiliser plants of Rumianca. ANIC took over the site's activities, followed by ANIC Agricoltura, pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 721/1981. During the brief period under ANIC Agricoltura (1983-84), production was limited to fertilisers and herbicides - the site's other plants had already been closed a number of years ago and were being dismantled at the time. Activities were suspended altogether in the wake of the accident on 12th March 1984. The plant was definitively shut down in June the same year. Fifteen years ago it became a part of Enichem, which promptly implemented containment operations. It took a further fifteen years for reclamation projects to be approved. In 2016 the Aquifer Reclamation Decree was approved, enabling the completion of activities already under way as part of emergency safety containment operations. In 2015, in agreement with bodies and pending risk assessment approval, the company presented a version of the Land Reclamation Project in land parcels, to enable the transfer of clean areas.  Since the start of activities in 2003 up to 31st December 2019, the company has spent approximately 40 million euros on demolition and environmental cleanup activities for aquifer and soil matrices. It is estimated that a further 55 million euros will be spent, in addition to approximately 1 million euros per year, for the management of water treatment plants.


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