Eni Rewind and other Eni companies

Over the last few years, Eni Rewind has consolidated its role as a global contractor for all companies in the Eni world, qualifying itself as a centre of excellence in the field of environmental cleanup and waste management by means of an integrated management model which includes procurement, planning, engineering and logistics.
In particular, as of 1st August 2016, mandate agreements for the environmental management of industrial sites and discontinued points of sale were formalised, in addition to cleanup and reclamation activities of active points of sale.
Eni Rewind manages waste for all sites of different business lines in the country: Eni Upstream Central Northern and Southern District, EniMed, the Venice, Sannazzaro, Livorno, Taranto and Gela refineries, North, Centre and South Eni R&M logistic warehouses, Versalis and EniPower plants.
The company has also signed mandate agreements with Upstream and EniMed for the execution of environmental operations at the Southern District Sites, for the reclamation of Piana di Gela.
The economic worth of acquired contracts amounts to approximately 800 million euros: for Eni Rewind this translate into a commitment towards Eni which is almost equivalent to the one towards its own sites.
Since 2018 in Italy the company also carries out reclamation operations following pipeline bursts.

Services and environmental operations for Eni business areas

DIME Oil Centre Val d’Agri, Viggiano (PZ)

  • Service agreements for reclamation operations, cleanup and safety containment for sites in Campania, Puglia, Basilicata and Calabria;

  • Environmental service agreement (waste management, laboratory, engineering).

DICS Oil Centre Marina di Ravenna (RA)

  • Service agreements for reclamation operations, cleanup and safety containment for sites of north-central competence;

  • Environmental service agreement (waste management, laboratory, engineering).

Office Building No. 5, 20097 San Donato Milanese (MI),

  • Removal of underground tank.


  • Service agreement for reclamation and cleanup operations in the Gela, Priolo and Ragusa area;

  • Environmental service agreements (waste management).

Mandate agreement for the reclamation of mining sites in Tuscany.
  • Mandate agreements for the decommissioning of power stations in Ravenna and Brindisi;

  • Mandate agreement for the reclamation and revamping of the district heating network in San Donato Milanese;

  • Environmental services agreement (waste management, engineering and laboratory) for EniPower, EniPower Mantua and SEF plants

  • Service agreement for the management of TAF/water system in Brindisi.

SEF Ferrara

  • Mandate agreement for the Decommissioning of the OCD circuit;

  • Environmental services agreement for all plants.


  • Mandate agreement for the design, implementation and management of reclamation operations at the Porto Marghera site.

  • Mandate agreement for reclamation activities for decommissioned industrial sites, for the GVA line of R&M;

  • Mandate agreement for the reclamation of active points of sale and reclamation and/or decommissioning of discontinued sites;

  • Mandate agreement for the reclamation of subsoils at the Robassomero plant;

  • Service agreement for waste management at the Robassomero plant and the Taranto, Venice, Sannazzaro and Livorno refineries;

  • Service agreement for waste management, primary logistics (North, Centre and South hubs).

  • Letter of assignment for environmental cleanup activities at the Porto Marghera, Ravenna, Priolo, Mantua and Sarroch plants;

  • Service agreements for waste management for all plants, on the basis of the Versalis-Eni Rewind Framework Agreement.

Eni Rewind for Eni in Mantua

Within the scope of important reclamation and requalification operations at the Mantua site, Eni Rewind has received a mandate from Eni for the demolition and reclamation of the Enipower thermoelectric power plant. Operations were carried out on all conventional cycle plants, both those with a vacuum combustion chamber which remained in operation until the 80s, as well as package Macchi plants, with pressurised combustion chamber, which remained operative until 2005. At the end of works, the area was returned to Enipower Mantua.

Eni Rewind for EniMed and the Magnisi peninsular

Since ancient times the Magnisi Peninsular, situated in the Priolo Gargallo municipality (Siracusa), has been the perfect landing place for vessels, in virtue of its geographic conformation. This is why it became an important Mediterranean trading site.
The area was eponymous with the so-called Culture of Thapsos (14th-13th century BC); the Magnisi peninsular was the first area of settlement of a Greek colony in Sicily.The Athenian army was also stationed here before its assault on Siracusa during the Peloponnese war. The peninsular was home to brownfields, including a former Enichem storage area (Mostringiano Coastal Storage area) adjacent to the southern pier. In order to clean up the area and made it available for archaeological enhancement, in 1996 EniMed requested local bodies and the Siracusa Superintendency of Environmental and Architectural Heritage permission to dispose of the former ballast tanks of vessels which once moored here.
The company carried out the site's reclamation, on a mandate conferred by EniMed, duly presenting a project for definitive reclamation in 2008 which was authorised by the Environment Ministry in February 2014. Pending completion of the authorisation process, the area was place in safety containment, covered by HDPE sheets. In light of the area's high archaeological value, operations were carried out under the supervision of the Siracusa Superintendency of Environmental and Architectural Heritage.

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