The power of sharing that creates value locally.

Dialogue as an approach to growing together

We believe in engaging proactively with our many stakeholders and are committed to building relationships based on dialogue, fairness and transparency. This allows us to improve decision-making processes for the development and upgrading objectives of the sites where we operate. We believe in the effectiveness of a participatory approach that involves our stakeholders at the early stages in a project, and in sharing technology and expertise. Remediation and redevelopment of disused areas and the recovery of resources are opportunities both from an environmental perspective and for the redevelopment of territories. Our ability to build a system and create value over time stems from this synergistic and constructive attitude.


The principles that inspire us

Our mission and operating model are inspired by the principles of sustainability and circularity which guide us in every aspect of our work. This is in the context of a regulatory system that meets the highest standards and international guidelines. We have adopted a methodological approach to stakeholder relations, based on local engagement and relationships, with the aim of carrying out remediation projects, recovery of resources and productive redevelopment with certain timescales, methods and costs.

An inclusive and versatile communication strategy

Constant dialogue with stakeholders in all project phases allows us to identify possible critical issues, taking into account the different needs of the parties. This commitment has led us to consolidate a successful practice of technical consultations, through dedicated meetings, to gain in-depth knowledge of environmental and revaluation measures prior to meetings foreseen by project approval processes. This method has contributed to an increase in the number of approved projects and the granting of local authorisations, without which it is not possible to start operations.

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Sustainability Report 2021

Initiatives and results that confirm our concrete commitment to local communities, in synergy with stakeholders.

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We will endeavour to make the best possible contribution to the challenges of the energy transition and sustainable development. This will include strengthening our environmental services offered on the market. This commitment is geared towards creating long-term value for the territories in which we operate, through dialogue.

Paolo Grossi, CEO, Eni Rewind

Our contribution to transforming environmental challenges into opportunities

The 2020 Sustainability Report describes our objectives for proactively contributing to a fairer, more sustainable and circular economy and to the energy transition, in line with Eni's strategy. The crisis caused by the Covid-19 health emergency has further raised awareness of the role we can play in protecting the environment and use natural resources in a more forward-looking way. We enact this commitment using our model of operational excellence, which aims to create long-term value in local territories and new opportunities for economic development.

Initiatives and events we support and take part in

We support a number of initiatives in the territories where we operate and take part in many events. This includes collaboration with the Italian Environmental Fund (FAI), trade fairs such as Ecomondo and RemTech, and institutional, cultural and sporting events.

From 8 to 11 November, we will be at Ecomondo, the reference event for ecological transition and circular economy in Europe, which will take place in Rimini’s exhibition centre. The 25th edition will focus on four pillars: waste management, bioeconomy, water treatment and contaminated site remediation. This year, States General of the Green Economy 2022, promoted by the National Council of Green Economy, in cooperation with the Ministry for the Environment and the Ministry for Economic Development, will take stock of the implementation priorities of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR).

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Eni Rewind contributes to sharing skills and experience in the sector, with its participation in the most important events in the fields of reclamation, innovation and the energy and ecological transition. This is why every year we take part in RemTech Expo, an authentic technological and environmental hub specialising in the issues of remediation, regeneration and local sustainable development. The 2022 edition will be held at the Ferrara exhibition centre from 21 to 23 September.

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For the seventh consecutive year, Eni Rewind is the main sponsor of the Maremma Trophy in Tuscany, held on the 2nd and 3rd of April. The rally competition, which winds through the Colline Metallifere, is a much-awaited event in the local communities of a territory where we are present, engaged in environmental safety and remediation interventions and the valorisation of former mining areas that were transferred to Eni by law. Starting from the 2022 edition, the race rejoins the International Rally Cup, opening the championship which is divided into four events in Italy. The total length of the route is 426,690 km, with 8 special stages, including the Gavorrano stage, named after the Tuscan Municipality, and dedicated to Eni's environmental company.