Our work in Bahrain

In 2018 our expansion strategy helped us get a permit for seven new exploration areas in the Middle East, one of which was in Bahrain, where we have been working in E&P since January 2019.


We are investing in one of the top producing countries in the Gulf

In May 2019 we signed a memorandum of understanding with the national oil and gas authority, to pursue future exploration in Block 1, the mostly unexplored offshore area in the country's southern waters. In February 2020 we also signed a new memorandum of understanding to consolidate our presence in the country's energy industry. The agreement will broaden Eni's collaboration with the company Tatweer Petroleum in areas of mutual interest, including renewable energies, liquefied natural gas (LNG) supply and exploration. In terms of LNG, the collaboration will target a more sustainable and efficient energy mix to meet Bahrain’s future energy needs.

An agreement with Eni Rewind for the development of circular economy initiatives

In January 2021 The National Oil and Gas Authority (NOGA) of the Kingdom of Bahrain and Eni’s environmental company Eni Rewind signed an agreement to identify and promote opportunities for water, soil and landfill management and repurposing in Bahrain, contributing to the progress in implementing the United Nations 2030 Global Goals for sustainable development. In October, an assessment was carried out at the petrochemical plants and refining of the Kingdom of Bahrain which has identified three possible areas of activity for Eni Rewind related to groundwater modeling, waste management and field testing of the proprietary E-Hyrec® technology. 

Albero della vita Bahrain

Bahrain and the foundations of sustainable development

Eni is contributing to the Kingdom’s energy expansion and to its roadmap towards energy transition by providing access to the company’s global technology expertise.