The competence of Eni Rewind

Many competencies, one objective
Integration, dialogue and research: our strong points

All our activities focus on safety and respect for the environment

The complexity of site reclamations has enabled Eni Rewind to acquire a unique set of experiences and skills at a national level, in the design and execution of reclamation operations. Growth and the sharing of such expertise enables the company to experiment with increasingly innovative techniques to tackle new project challenges.

Today Eni's environmental company is a centre of excellence in the following activities:

Integrated Operative Model

What makes Eni Rewind a leading company in the field of remediation company is the integrated operative model which oversees each step of the reclamation process: from characterisation to final cleanup certification, with the aim of maximising the effectiveness and efficiency of operations, optimising the management of assets (reclamation plants, buildings, lands) and guaranteeing supervision of single phases of each project, thanks to multi-specialised teams.


Eni Rewind and other Eni companies

Over the last few years, Eni Rewind has consolidated its role as a global contractor for all companies in the Eni world, qualifying itself as a centre of excellence in the field of environmental cleanup and waste management by means of an integrated management model which includes procurement, planning, engineering and logistics. In particular, as of 1st August 2016, mandate agreements for the environmental management of industrial sites and discontinued points of sale were formalised, in addition to the conclusion of a mandate agreement with the Eni R&M Retail business line...


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