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Our know-how made available to the countries in which Eni operates
Starting from Iraq, our first foreign projects

Eni Rewind is Eni’s environmental company which operates according to the principles of circular economy to give new life to land, water and waste through efficient, sustainable reclamation and recovery projects. Our work is based on passion, skills and the most innovative technological research, expedient in regenerating and revalorising resources. A know-how of fundamental importance in the expansion of our activities overseas as well as in supporting Eni in those countries of presence. In 2018 we created a dedicated organizational structure that allows us to offer specialist support to all Eni companies in the world, seizing new opportunities for development and cooperation. After the analysis of the potential needs of Upstream and its subsidiaries, in particular in the field of environmental engineering, water treatment and soil remediation, we have launched projects in various sites, from Africa to the Middle East and Asia. Our goal is to export the skills long-consolidated in Italy, even through training activities, while expanding our experience in managing complex projects.

Agreement with Bahrain for new circular projects

In January 2021, Eni Rewind and the National Oil and Gas Authority of the Kingdom of Bahrain signed a Memorandum of Understanding aimed at promoting joint initiatives for the efficient recovery and management of water, soil and waste in the country, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda. Eni Rewind will bring to the partnership its extensive environmental expertise gained through numerous complex reclamation and waste management projects.


Our activities in Iraq

Eni has been present in the country since 2009 through its subsidiary Eni Iraq BV which operates in the development of the Zubair oil field in the Basra area. In 2018 Eni Rewind presented two projects, stemming from the collaboration with Eni Iraq, which contemplate the development of environmental initiatives for the Basra area. The first concerns the construction of the Al-Buradeja and Al-Bardjazia potable water plants, an intervention that will improve the quality of the water resource for approximately 150,000 people. Eni's environmental company was also entrusted with the circular economy project design for the treatment and the reinjection in the Zubair field of urban waste water originating from the Hamdan plant.


Water treatment in Tunisia

Eni has been in the country since 1961, delivering the first load of crude oil to Genoa in 1966. Today Eni Rewind is giving support to Eni Tunisia through an innovative and sustainable engineering approach aimed at the recovery and enhancement of the water resource. Jointly with EniProgetti, we have developed the project for a new production water treatment plant and subsequent reinjection.


Our projects for Eni in Nigeria

Eni has been present in the country since 1962, when the Nigerian Agip Oil Company (NAOC) was established. Eni Rewind supports the subsidiary in the planning and management of environmental activities regarding both soil management and water treatment in the Brass terminal, south of Port Harcourt, where the crude oil is collected and stored before shipment.


In Egypt for a circular economy

Eni's activities in Egypt, started in 1954, mainly concern offshore and onshore hydrocarbon development and production projects. Among the more recent exploration activities, the huge Zohr field has contributed to making the country self-sufficient in the gas sector. Eni Rewind supports the subsidiary in identifying circular economy projects for the regeneration of water resources.


In Angola for production water recovery

Eni has been present in Angola since 1980 and today participates in various production blocks. The main asset is Block 15/06 of which it is an operator (36.84% stake). The mining activities are also accompanied by numerous initiatives on access to water resources and promoting health. In collaboration with EniProgetti, Eni Rewind has launched the circular project for the development of a new treatment, recovery and reuse plant of production water within the Northern Gas Complex.


Valorising water in Kazakhstan

Eni was among the first international energy companies to enter Kazakhstan, where it is co-operator of the Karachaganak production field. In addition, through its subsidiary Agip Caspian Sea, it participates with a 16.81% stake in the North Caspian Operating Company (NCOC) consortium which manages the giant Kashagan off shore oil and gas field, located 80 kilometres from the city of Atyrau. Eni Rewind supports the NCOC consortium with projects aimed at the treatment and valorization of water resources.


Creating and exporting know-how

On the Job Training is an Eni Rewind environmental training initiative organized in collaboration with Upstream and Eni Corporate University, wich envolved eight colleagues from foreign subsidiaries in classroom, laboratory and field activities. A unique experience that allowed the participants to discover the most advanced remediation technologies and water and waste management processes, even through on site visits, as well as, the various and essential regulatory and stakeholder engagement aspects of environmental interventions.

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