How we work

The Eni Foundation was created in late 2006 and operates in twelve countries across four continents: Guinea Bissau, Lybia, Mexico, Italy, Algeria, Egypt, Myanmar, Mozambique, Ghana, Angola, The Republic of Congo, Indonesia.

Promoting health around the world

We work within clearly-defined parameters: our goal is to protect people's fundamental rights, from survival and social development to protection and education, with a particular focus on children. Health is a fundamental human right – and health promotion is a key factor in supporting children's growth and development. The challenge being tackled by the Eni Foundation is particularly concerns developing countries, where:

  •  the percentage of children and adolescents is particularly high
  •  children are more vulnerable due to difficult living conditions
  •  children often do not have access to healthcare, education, proper nutrition or adequate hygiene and sanitary conditions, and are subject to violence and abuse.

Prevention and vaccines

Our projects aim to make populations less vulnerable to disease and more aware of the importance of immunisation and early diagnosis.

Health promotion is an intrinsic part of working for the common good and is fundamental for global peace and security.

World Health Organization

Our initiatives help to support the international community’s efforts to reduce rates of widespread conditions like malaria, TB and HIV/AIDS, as part of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, now the Sustainable Development Goals, a set of objectives to be met by 2030. How?

  • improving diagnosis and monitoring systems
  • widening access to drugs and vaccines
  • distributing effective preventive measures, in particular through immunisation programmes
  • promoting training in the medical field
  • raising awareness regarding prevention among local populations