Worker's health and safety

The zero injury objective, always and everywhere
Managing safety to guarantee all our people avoid harm
Protecting workers' health is fundamental for Eni Rewind. This is why we implement the periodic monitoring of work environments, healthcare monitoring along with a programme of clinical exams and specific check ups for workers involved in environmental cleanup activities. Investigations are also carried out for the control of hazardous chemical agents, both those deriving from Eni Rewind production as well as those from previous chemical production, such as the contamination of environmental compartments on sites where reclamation operations are carried out. These investigations form the basis for risk assessment and the activation of suitable prevention and protection measures for workers, the population and surrounding environment.

Eni Rewind believes that in order to improve workers' health and safety standards, focusing on the personal growth of resources is an absolute priority, while also informing and raising awareness on company values. This is why in addition to the containment of exposure in work environments, continuous personnel training is provided, along with the adoption of prevention and risk mitigation measures.

Over the years there has been a progressive rise in third party use. These kinds of resources, theoretically external to Eni Rewind, have equally been involved in the information and risk prevention process. As a result, accident rates regarding both own and third party employees have continued to improve over the last three years. Today Eni Rewind is one of the best companies in the sector.

A commitment to safety is an act of love of ourselves and those around us



Safety culture

Safety culture is our lifeblood. This is palpable in the sheer number of initiatives focused on training and developing a pro active attitude among all our personnel, both internal and external, such as our Safety & Environmental Days, to share the commitment to pursuing activities in accordance with the ethical principles of occupational health and safety protection as well as respect for the environment.


Safety Management

The health and safety of our workers and environmental protection are fundamental Eni rewind values, constituting fundamental drivers for sustainable business development.


Safety and Environmental Day

During this day Eni Safety and Environmental Awards are given to industrial realities of all business units which have achieved the best safety results, for special and innovative projects enabling the combination of process operative efficiency with safety in the pursuit of activities and the capacity to react promptly, even in complex contexts, and to suppliers from the most critical industrial categories in terms of HSEQ risk profile who achieve the best safety results.

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