Safety culture

We want the best possible work environment

Safety culture is our lifeblood. Proof of this can be seen in numerous initiatives which aim to train and develop a proactive attitude among all internal and external personnel.

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    Safety & Environmental Day

    A total of 9 “Safety & Environmental Days” were held to share commitment to the pursuit of activities in accordance with the ethical principles of occupational health and safety, in addition to respect for the environment.

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    Pact for safety

    With the "Pact for safety" the aim is the pursuit of all our activities, including contracted ones, free from injury or accidents, by spreading a culture of safety and prevention. To this effect, by reporting near misses and sub-standard situations, stable improvement of safety levels at work places is possible, for everyone.

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    Safety-meter for everyone

    The "safety-meter for everyone" is a points system 'license' issued to all employees and used to record positive or negative safety conduct. An additional method for raising awareness of responsibility, personal responsibility in particular, which every single person must maintain to ensure they and other workers stay out of harm's way.

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    Lessons Learned

    ENI "Lessons Learned" which emerged from last year's most significant events have been shared with Eni Rewind workers and contractors.

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    Bite-size risk assessment document

    With the “Bite-size risk assessment document” project, the risk assessment document (pursuant to Legislative Decree 81/08) was illustrated in signs, at all major transit and catering areas, where workers have the chance to view them or consult them daily, without any commitment.

All these initiatives have been organised by Eni Rewind to hit the target of a "zero injury" work environment.

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