Commitment to the environment

Territories, our home
We operate in full respect of the environment and people who inhabit it

At Eni Rewind, we truly believe the environment is our own home. This is why we work to protect it, every single day. Even when we have had to transfer assets, branches, buildings, shares or units of our company to other players, we continue to feel responsible. We have maintained our commitment to indemnity for expenses incurred by these companies for environmental cleanup. We always verify the technical applicability of projects and actions implemented to this effect. We are always ready to collaborate with external Bodies and international organisations, for the development of innovative environmental operative regulations and standards.

The environmental sustainability of company activities is a topic of great interest for Eni Rewind. In order to implement a sustainability policy, best practices for reclamation have been put in place, prioritising in situ/ on site disposal techniques which ensure the achievement of set targets while minimising waste generation (unlike excavation and ex situ transport of polluted soil).

The most significant environmental impact of Eni Rewind is the generation of reclamation and decommissioning waste, therefore it is correlated with core business development. This is why for some years now, Eni Rewind has been adopting management methods focused on reducing its own environmental impact. On the one hand, transport logistics have been optimised by seeking out "kilometre zero solutions" and the use of alternatives to road transport. On the other hand, a waste recovery plan has been implemented, for waste which would otherwise be disposed of in landfills. In 2019, almost 169 kton of material was recovered, amounting to approximately 59% of all potentially recoverable waste. The calculation also considers brokerage activities carried out for Eni companies.

In the environmental field, the main challenges we are facing are:

  • 1

    The evolution of national and international legislation

  • 2

    The spread of environmental best practices

  • 3

    Operative support in identifying optimal technical solutions for environmental protection

  • 4

    The spread and development of specific know-how with reference to the evolution of technologies

  • 5

    The implementation of protocols and environmental data monitoring systems for environmental certification and performance analysis purposes

  • 6

    The monitoring of energy consumption optimisation programmes to reduce emissions and environmental impact

Attention to waste

For Eni Rewind, the improvement of environmentally friendly performance is inextricably linked with a solid waste management culture, based on two fundamental strategies: preventing its generation, optimising reclamation activities and favouring recovery operations over disposal, working in close synergy with all stakeholders to promote circular economy and end of waste...


Resource recovery

We pursue our activities with the aim of exploiting all arising opportunities for circularity, with focus in qualitative and quantitative terms, on the recovery of water, waste and brownfields, which are decommissioned industrial areas. The qualitative recovery of underground water is guaranteed thanks to TAF plants which we manage across all national territory, treating approximately 36 million cubic metres of water each year. We promote the recycling of water treated by our TAF plants, thanks to the re-emission of water into the aquifer (and therefore back into the natural cycle), or re-use for industrial purposes, whenever possible. We also encourage the opportunity for the economic development of brownfields, otherwise unusable, returning reclaimed areas to the territory for successive industrialisation initiatives.


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