Circular economy

Precursors of circular economy
For responsible growth

Tackling circular economy challenges is increasingly becoming part and parcel of our strategy for the cleanup of areas, with focus on the recovery and reuse of resources. In particular, Eni Rewind promotes specific soil operations, involving the requalification of brownfields and productive requalification, as well as water operations, to maximise reuse and reduce extraction from nature, by means of the most innovative technologies, and industrial and reclamation waste operations in order to recover its energy generation potential in End of Waste processes.

Applied circularity

In 2016, the precursor of our circularity was launched as a project in Gela, with the permanent safety containment of the ISAF phosphate chalk landfill site. Unusable for new production processes, the area was reconverted into an electrical power station powered by solar energy and which enables the saving of 1,600 tons of oil per year, with a contextual reduction of CO 2 emissions. In 2018, Gela also became the site of our Waste to Fuel pilot project, for the recovery of the organic fraction of solid urban waste (OFSUW). Assemini is an absolute best practice inspired by circularity.At the site, we are currently building the first photovoltaic plant contemplated by Eni's Progetto Italia. Another project which effectively represents the way in which Eni Rewind strives to operate in terms of circularity, inclusiveness and the forging of constructive relations with stakeholders is the Ponticelle NOI - New Opportunities for Innovation project in Ravenna.


The pilot Waste to Fuel plant and permanent safety containment of the ISAF landfill site (Industria Sicilia Acido Fosforico) are two of our most significant circular economy projects.



The historic site of Assemini, which combines an industrial complex for the production of soda, sodium carbonate, hydrochloric acid and hypochlorite with salt works for the cultivation of industrial and food grade salt, is a brilliant example of Eni Rewind's implementation of a circular vision.



The project for the rebirth of Ponticelle is perfectly in line with the approach of the new Eni strategy, which considers the integration of strengths and competencies as a fundamental element for the growth of value.


Progetto Italia

Renewable energy development is a fundamental Eni strategy which is evolving towards a low carbon scenario. To this effect, in 2016 Eni launched Progetto Italia, providing for the construction of plants, mostly photovoltaic ones, in Eni Rewind areas which have already been reclaimed and are available for use.


Waste to Fuel

This proprietary technology, developed by Eni R&D, enables the conversion of solid urban waste into bio oil, using a thermochemical transformation process. Bio oil can be used as a component in the production of new generation fuels.


Eni Rewind and Laboraee for a "social” circular economy

At the end of 2018 Eni Rewind joined forces with the company Laboraee to recover Eni waste of electric and electronic equipment (WEEE) at the plant managed by the company Laboraee in the Bollate prison facility. The plant occupies a site that is approximately 3,000 sqm in size, has been fitted with a photovoltaic plant for the self-production of green energy and employs 5 inmates.
The three-year agreement between Eni Rewind and Laboraee involves the recovery of R4 classified WEEE (mostly personal computers, peripheral devices and servers), for up to a maximum of 1,300 tons of waste. With this agreement Eni Rewind confirms itself as a partner of Laboraee for the recovery of R4 classified WEEE (mostly personal computers, peripheral devices and servers).
The partnership was presented to the press on 5th July 2019, in the presence of the Deputy Director of the Bollate Prison Facility Cosima Buccoliero, the Director of the procurement and supply department of the Penitential Administration for the Lombardy Region Pietro Buffa, the Chief Executive officer of A2A Valerio Camerano, the Environment and Climate Councillor for the Lombardy Region Raffaelle Cattaneo and the Mobility and Environment Councillor of the Municipality of Milan Marco Granelli.
Here follow declarations by participants:
“The plant presented today at the Bollate Prison, in addition to its contribution in terms of circular economy, is an example of inclusion and an opportunity for the professional development of people involved in the project. This is why the human component of work must be suitably enhanced with respect to process automation” Valerio Camerano, CEO of the Group declared. “This project is just one of many pieces of the "A2A model" for the circular economy: a system based on the integrated management of the entire environmental chain, from collection to treatment, and which ensures that all waste is conferred for the recovery of material or energy, thus preventing conferral to landfills.
"We have achieved and exceeded our 60% target for separate waste collection - Environment Councillor Marco Granelli declared- . We have an efficient and quality service with some elements of excellence, such as the collection of humid waste in the entire city. This plant for the enhancement of WEEE in prison is another service that makes me proud. I am all too aware that there is still room for improvement and together with Amsa I am constantly committed, on a daily basis, to resolving problems and contributing towards the well-being of citizens in Milan".
Raffaele Cattaneo, Environment and Climate Councillor for the Lombardy region, declared: "The recovery of material, but above all the recovery of people. Starting from circular economy principles, a project has been created, focused on the enhancement of people which are no longer viewed as waste, but as individuals who are demonstrating their humanity. This is why the Lombardy Region has provided 2 million euros of funds for the construction of the facility where WEEE will be taken apart and stored, favouring waste recovery and reducing its environmental impact, proof of our regional government's desire to nurture the support and training of inmates, so that time in prison becomes a period of reintegration into society as opposed to just 'doing time'. I hope this idea can expand, both in terms of its purposes and objectives, to other areas and institutions in the Region, promoting best practices for the recovery and reuse of materials which are palpable here."
Francesco Misuraca, Italian Director Environmental & Operation Activities of Eni Rewind declared: "For Eni Rewind, Eni's environmental company, the initiative is the first concrete example of social circularity. An occasion to extend our commitment to the recovery and enhancement of resources in accordance with principles of circular economy, which in addition to cleanup operations, is another opportunity for local areas in terms of environmental, social and economic effects."

Signing of strategic agreement with Cassa Depositi e Prestiti

The CEO of Eni, Claudio Descalzi and the CEO of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, Fabrizio Palermo, have signed an agreement of strategic importance to jointly identify and promote initiatives regarding the circular economy, decarbonisation and sustainability in Italy. Specifically, Eni and Cassa Depositi e Prestiti will evaluate the construction of Waste to Fuel plants for the conversion of organic waste in biofuels (bio oil and bio methane) and plants for the generation of renewable energy, for the requalification of brownfields in particular. For the purposes of this agreement, Eni will contribute its own industrial, technical and commercial expertise, also with the involvement of its subsidiary companies Eni Rewind and Eni New Energy. Cassa Depositi e Prestiti will contribute to favour and nurture relations with public administrations and institutions, in coordination with Eni, while also assessing forms of financial support for specific initiatives. CEO Claudio Descalzi explained "This is an ambitious and concrete path along which we have already made very important steps, but we cannot go it alone. We need to develop a system at national level, promote the culture of sustainability and circularity at all institutional levels and throughout the fabric of the economy; we must jointly leverage investment possibilities and know-how. Today's agreement has laid the foundation in this sense."


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