Circular Bootcamp in Taranto

An event with the theme of the circular economy at its heart, bringing together the worlds of business and startups.

23 October 2023
4 min read
23 October 2023
4 min read

Joule chose the city of Taranto for the third edition of the Circular Bootcamp. The event, organised in collaboration with Confindustria, aims to encourage meetings and cross-pollination between the startup world and the business world.

A whole day, 19 October, was dedicated to discovering the circularity projects of Taranto companies and the 10 Joule ecosystem startups, with a focus on potential synergies and the generation of positive sustainability impacts.

During the event, all participants were introduced to the Open-es platform, a key tool that offers companies a pathway to improve and grow theirsustainability performance.

The Circular Bootcamp closed the three-day Re-think Taranto event, where Eni was involved in addressing the issue of waste recovery through innovative technologies and low impact energy production.

“The 2023 edition of Re-think Taranto," said Michele Viglianisi, Head of HSEQ Department Eni Energy Evolution, "was a valuable opportunity for the ongoing energy transition, also thanks to the major contribution of the city. The key word today is "Governance": a dialogue between industry, region, institutions and culture, all working together towards common goals. Taranto has shown over time that it is capable of delivering governance by bringing together the efforts of a variety of parties".

As part of Re-think, Joule took part in the Sustainable Mobility Hack hackathon, which aimed to develop innovative digital solutions to create a sustainable, state-of-the-art port.

The winning project was EnerVibe Energy Flow, with its innovative flooring system capable of storing the energy generated by people walking on it.

The startups at the Circular Bootcamp

  • BEAWARE - A startup that helps businesses and municipalities collect waste by optimising time and costs through simple automated software.
  • OHOSKIN – This startup has developed and patented an alternative to animal leather, made from orange waste and prickly pear leaves.
  • RCOFFE – The team recycles coffee grounds and turns them into pellets for heating systems, resulting in a material that has a higher energy value and produces less ash than traditional wood.
  • REWOW – This startup produces innovative bio-products that give new life to hazardous waste and replace fossil-based materials.
  • PREINVEL - The team, which has a social mission, has designed a fluid-dynamic filter that is capable of capturing micro-particles and pollutants from industrial emissions.
  • RABBERJET VALLEY – A startup which has developed an innovative and environmentally friendly technology for the recycling of medium and large end-of-life tyres.
  • AOP4WATER - This startup develops technologies for water and wastewater treatment and soil remediation, mainly based on advanced oxidation processes.
  • GREEN INDEPENDENCE – The team has developed a system that decentralises the production and storage of green hydrogen through a new technology called New Artificial Leaf (NAL), an evolution of the traditional solar panel.
  • TECHLOOP – This startup uses artificial intelligence to make digital transformation accessible to micro and small businesses, improving productivity, efficiency and the working environment.
  • FOREVERLAND - The first food tech startup in Italy to develop chocolate without cocoa. Its revolutionary industrial ingredient, Freecao, promises to reduce CO2 emissions by 80% and water consumption by 90%. 

The companies taking part

  • Asepa Energy
  • Caffe Ninfole
  • CISA
  • Comes Group
  • Ecologistic
  • G.S.T. (Gruppo Sviluppo Tessile)
  • Irigom
  • Niteko
  • Progeva