The Joule community is a place of dialogue, contamination and connection. A space for growth, where you can find out more about other professional experiences and interests with a view to expanding the network.

ENI Joule Castel Gandolfo Day 2
ENI Joule Castel Gandolfo Day 2

The Eni school of entrepreneurship aims to expand its Community, developing entrepreneurial growth centres according to the integrated Open Innovation methodology. Knowing how to extend one's network and deal with new collaborators, partners and other founders is essential in order to carry out valuable entrepreneurial projects. 

Joule Open platform

Some contents available on the Joule Open platform are: insights with experts, trainers and other startups, thematic events, training webinars.


Exclusive opportunities

Join our Community, register on the Open platform, you will be able to take part in lots of initiatives to accompany you on a journey of sustainable entrepreneurial acceleration.

Eni Experts work on the front line, putting their skills and experiences into place, contributing to the acceleration and entrepreneurial development process and fostering exchanges between the typical energy of startups and entrepreneurial skills.


Our Experts

The biographies, stories and CVs of some of our experts.