Who we are

Joule is the Eni school of entrepreneurship that supports the entrepreneurs of the future.


Our mission, between entrepreneurial training and acceleration programmes

Joule, the Eni school of entrepreneurship, has been supporting the growth of sustainable enterprises since 2020 with training courses and acceleration programmes. A true ecosystem, creating space for the new visions of the future, by developing key competences and tools for accelerating startups, accessing challenges and concrete opportunities and a network of top-quality trainers and teachers.

Joule is also a large Community, made of startups, experts, students and aspiring entrepreneurs. A virtual space for dialogue, for sharing ideas and experiences and for talking about innovative projects.  


The Joule Acceleration programme is aimed at supporting the growth of startups working in decarbonisation and the circular economy with a view to the energy transition, while the Joule Discovery Lab is the idea validation programme that offers tools for acquiring greater entrepreneurial awareness of, and concretely implementing, sustainable business models.

The full distance learning platform Joule Open, on the other hand, is a training programme that aims to support aspiring entrepreneurs in all phases of development, from the origination of an idea to the implementation of the entrepreneurial project. Members have access to many exclusive opportunities, from in-depth sessions with Business School experts and professors, to live thematic events, workshops and certification paths.

Our headquarters in Rome

The impressive cylindrical structure (Gazometro) that has now become a part of the urban landscape of the city of Rome, defined as a “precious part of the capital’s skyline”, is our headquarter. It was once used for gasification, the transformation of carbon-rich materials into carbon monoxide, hydrogen and other gaseous substances. Today it is a point of reference for all the startups wanting to contribute to the decarbonisation of the planet and promote circular, virtuous business models.

Our hubs in Italy

Over the years, Joule has built a far-reaching network of relations with the communities where Eni is present, aiming to foster the growth of sustainable businesses across the Country, promoting and fuelling partnerships and collaborations with universities, accelerators and stakeholders. In every hub, Joule’s activities are aimed at establishing synergies to support the local economic system.

ZERO | The Cleantech Accelerator (zeroacceleratorcleantech.com) - ZERO was born in the Eni’s Gazometro spaces where Joule’s headquarter is, and it is the Italian Cleantech Accelerator of the National Accelerator Network of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP), launched by CDP Venture Capital Sgr - National Innovation Fund, Eni, LVenture Group and ELIS, and supported by Corporate Partners Acea, Maire Tecnimont, Microsoft and Vodafone.

S2P - Switch2Product | Innovation Challange - Every year, PoliHub, Innovation Park & Start-up Accelerator launches the Switch2Product programme, that is an entrepreneurial empowerment programme to identify innovative solutions giving them access to grants and acceleration paths. Joule participates to this initiative by offering a grant to support early-stage startups in the field of decarbonisation, circular economy and sustainability and the opportunity to access their own Community. 

BasilicataPitch2Pitch - This initiative is the reference point for agricultural innovation in Southern Italy, supported by Eni, Polihub and Alsia (Agenzia Lucana per lo Sviluppo Agricolo). The call aims to identify a successful model for the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Southern Italy, offering innovative Agritech projects an acceleration programme with grants and the possibility to run proofs of concept with the involvement of local farms.

Start-Me Up, Passione e Innovazione a Confronto” ("Start-Me Up, where Passion Meets Innovation") is a project for young people that aims to create training opportunities in the innovation field and in soft skills, which are critical  when entering the world of work. The purpose  is to support young people who  left school but are still first-time job seekers  (NEET), to offer new professional and entrepreneurial opportunities in the region of Sicily, with a specific focus on the Gela area. 

Faros Accelerator - It is the Italian accelerator in the National CDP Network devoted to the port innovation sector and the blue economy. Launched by CDP Venture Capital SGR in partnership with the Port Authorities of the Ionian Sea – Port of Taranto, the acceleration programme aims to support innovative startups wishing to develop sustainable, disruptive and responsible solutions in the port innovation sector and the blue economy.

VeniSIA - A sustainability accelerator based in Venice and focusing on the development of business ideas and technological solutions for fighting climate change and other environmental challenges. The goal of the programme is not to set up an accelerator in Venice but to make Venice and accelerator.

ORA! - Outpost Ravenna for Energy Transitio. It is an innovation platform with a strong international vocation, focusing on technologies for the blue and green economy that aims to support local business transition, through partnerships and industrial collaborations with international startups and scaleups. The main activities are carried out at the Environment, Sea and Marine Energy research centre in Ravenna. 

Our partners

An overview of the startups taking part in our ecosystem.