Who We Are

We enhance our proprietary technology, we are dedicated to the identification, creation and development of innovative and high-potential entrepreneurial initiatives that explore new markets while promoting a Just Transition and creating short and medium-term value.


Corporate Venture Builder for a Just Transition

What is Eniverse Ventures?

Eniverse Ventures is the Corporate Venture Builder company controlled 100% by Eni that enhances internal expertise and Eni’s proprietary technology, works to identify, create and develop new business initiatives with high technological content to support the Just Transition, dialoguing with the external innovation ecosystem.

Eniverse was founded in 2022 with the aim of intercepting and scaling up its own and third-party technological solutions with the most potential to industrial level, bringing them to market in less than three years. This is why we scout for technological and industrial partners to support the creation of new products and services and financial and commercial partners to launch and target initiatives on the market, accelerating their growth.

PRESS RELEASE| Eni launches Eniverse Ventures to enhance proprietary technologies in new businesses, promoting a Just Transition.


Our pillars

Eni’s Open innovation ecosystem

Eniverse draws on the support of young talents and projects inspired by the principles of sustainability and circularity, innovative start-ups with high potential for creating game-changing technologies and new ventures with high technological content. Actively listening to the outside world, we dialogue with the innovation ecosystem and leverage Eni’s research and development assets to intercept highly innovative proposals on the international market. Eniverse is part of Eni's innovation system, including Joule, Eni’s School of entrepreneurship, Eni Next, Innovation Match and Open Innovation & Ecosystems Development.

Eni's Open Innovation

The other selection and innovation support pathways that run alongside Eniverse, through which Eni turns ideas into game-changing technologies that can accelerate the path to Net Zero.


Our Team

We contribute every day with experience, passion curiosity to promote just transition and create value.


A technological heritage to do business

Find out Eni’s proprietary and breakthroughs technologies enhanced by Eniverse.

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