Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report 2019
Our latest initiatives and achievements, testimony to a true commitment

Our contribution to a more sustainable planet

Eni Rewind Sustainability Report 2019 wants to describe the objectives with which we proactively contribute to a more equitable, sustainable and circular economy and to the ongoing energy transition, in line with Eni's strategy. The last months have represented a crucial moment for our company, from a reorganisation into two major operational departments to its renaming, becoming Eni Rewind (Remediation and Waste Into Development). The crisis caused by the health emergency related to Covid-19 has further enhanced our awareness of the role we can play in protecting the environment and in promoting an evermore forward-looking use of natural resources. A commitment that we implement through our Operational Excellence Model aimed at creating long-term value in those territories where we operate, building new economic and social development opportunities thanks to a constant dialogue with stakeholders.

We believe that we stand to make an effective contribution to the Country’s economic recovery, based on the innovative technologies, skills and passion of our people, consonantly with the road map outlined by the United Nations 2030 Agenda and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. With this vision, we want to reiterate that our commitment to environmental remediation and to the management and regeneration of natural resources and waste in a circular perspective will remain unchanged and always open to constructive dialogue with all stakeholders and communities in which we operate.

Paolo Grossi, CEO Eni Rewind

Carbon Neutrality in the long term

Our strategy for a low carbon future, beyond emissions reduction, consists in the search for innovative technological solutions aimed at the recovery and regeneration of soil, water and waste resources as well as in an active contribution to the development of energy from renewable sources through land recycling.

Operational Excellence Model

For us, operational excellence means carrying out every activity in compliance with the principles of sustainability and integrity. For this reason, we uphold the value of our people, paying maximum attention to their safety and health, and are fully committed to safeguarding human rights and the environment in those territories in which we are present.

Alliances fort the Promotion of Local Development

We are in the midst of a profound transformation that requires a more responsible and inclusive economic model of development. In this scenario, we have identified collaborations and strategic alliances, along the entire supply chain, aimed at promoting new synergies towards long-term growth in host communities.

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