Institutional and territorial relations

Listening and dialogue to nurture trust
Eni Rewind involves stakeholders through constant interaction

Dialogue for building a relationship based on trust

For Eni Rewind, favouring dialogue, debate and interaction with all institutional and territorial stakeholders is fundamental insofar as the company manages indispensable and strategic natural resources, like soil and water, with a commitment to enabling their successive reuse and virtuosity in social and economic terms.

"Involvement can only be ensured through listening, interaction and dialogue. Interactive dialogue which must be continuous and transparent, with all stakeholders, not just institutions, but also individual citizens and society as a whole"


Stakeholder Engagement

The principles which guide us in relations with our stakeholders are:

These Eni Rewind values and principles are actualised on a daily basis as follows:

  • constant and proactive nurturing of relations;
  • discussion in order to verify expectations of the local area and to establish or review company policies and strategies;
  • integration of expectations in line with company objectives;
  • the preparation of concrete and specific answers for all figures involved;
  • institutional communication activities and relations with the media.

Specifically, over the years we have embraced dialogue and constant discussion with national and local Public Administration along with local areas of reference, in order to implement reclamation projects that are sustainable in terms of time frames, methods and costs.

Sustainability Report 2019

The document describes the objectives with which we proactively contribute, in line with Eni’s strategy, to a fairer, more sustainable and circular economy and to the energy transition currently underway. From the corporate reorganisation to the name change to Eni Rewind, to the global health emergency: initiatives and results that tell the story of a tangible commitment.


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