Eni Rewind for 2022

Initiatives, partnerships and results that recount our concrete commitment for an ecological transition, in synergy with the territories where we operate.

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Our 2022 Sustainability Report

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As Eni’s environmental company we work towards building a fairer future  for all that also includes resources distribution and takes into account communities’ social, economic, and environmental goals. Our contribution takes place through remediation works and by giving new life to soil, water and waste with projects designed to recover and reuse resources while developing new opportunities. Today we can count on a team of experts with interdisciplinary expertise that works every day with commitment and passion, in cooperation with other parties, both public and private, and in line with the strategic levers of innovation and technological development.


In 2022 we carried out remediation interventions amounting to around 400 million euros, bringing the total expenditure since 2003 to 3.7 billion euros, of which over 80% for sites conferred by law or acquired through mergers, as part of the historic industrial rescue operations that Eni had to take over when it was a state-owned company. Around 60% of the land owned by Eni Rewind, approximately 3,800 hectares, is non-contaminated or has already been remediated and is therefore available for new projects, in particular regarding renewable energies production or waste treatment and recovery. On the remaining 40% of the land, environmental interventions are underway and over 70% of the associated soil remediation projects are expected to be completed by 2030.


We contribute to economic recovery and growth while respecting the environment, soil and water, in order to leave nobody out nor unjustly penalised by the transition process and its changes.

Paolo Grossi, Eni Rewind CEO
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