The rebirth of Ponticelle

The project for the rebirth of Ponticelle is perfectly in line with the approach of the new Eni strategy, which considers the integration of strengths and competencies as a fundamental element for the growth of company value. From Eni Rewind, owner of the area and executor of reclamation works, to Eni New Energy, which promotes solutions for the development of renewable energies, Research & development, Refinement & Marketing: in Ravenna, Eni has deployed companies with the deepest commitment to energy transitioning, for the implementation of a virtuous operative model which will be replicable in Italy and the rest of the world, even with different specifics and always in compliance with circular economy principles.

The NOI Ponticelle project

Since 2013 Eni's environmental company is the owner of all internal and external areas of the former Ravenna Petrochemical plant which is no longer in use for production purposes, a total of 63 hectares. Specifically, external areas, amounting to 29 hectares, 26 of which are undergoing reclamation, are located in an area called Ponticelle. Here Eni Rewind will implement an important development and industrial requalification plan which upon the completion of permanent safety containment, will transform the area into an energy island, turning Ravenna into a symbol of green economy at a national level.

For the Ponticelle NOI project– New Opportunities for Development, a total investment of approximately 60 million euros is expected, including costs for the completion of cleanup operations.

From cleanup to production requalification

For Ponticelle NOI it is expected that the reclamation process will begin in 2019, following final design. Simultaneously, requests will be submitted to obtain authorisation for:

  • 1
    A photovoltaic plant

    will be installed in the permanent safety containment area with capping and will satisfy all the energy requirements of new plants, also thanks to the installation of a Storage Lab. The plant is designed to enable "zero new ground use" and the development of areas in terms of circular economy. It will be installed on the ground with a solar tracking system for an installed total of approximately 6 MWp.

  • 2
    A technological centre for reclamation

    for the experimentation of the most innovative reclamation technologies. The Technological Centre for Reclamation will enable pilot scale experimentation of research activities carried out by Eni at the Research Centre for Renewable Energies and the Environment (Novara) and the Oil&Gas Laboratory (San Donato Milanese). An area dedicated to two important reclamation technologies will also be set up: industrial scale biopiles for the treatment of lands contaminated by hydrocarbons, and phytoremediation, based on the use of plants against heavy metals and hydrocarbons.

  • 3
    a multifunctional environmental platform

    for the processing of materials from the Ravenna site or other Eni activities in Emilia Romagna, with the aim of maximising recovery.


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