The Gela Waste to Fuel pilot plant

Eni Rewind's commitment to the recovery of "resources" is also palpable in its Waste to Fuel project, involving the construction plants which transform wet waste into bio oil, biomethane and water. Developed from proprietary technology perfected at the Eni Research Centre for Renewable Energies and the Environment in Novara, the project is currently being tested at the Gela Waste to Fuel pilot plant, commissioned in December 2018. The raw material necessary for the process is called OFSUW, which stands for Organic Fraction of Solid Urban Waste and consists of left over food as well as waste from the agrifood industry: one ton of organic matter, including the weight of water, can be used to generate up to 150 kilos of bio oil for use in the production of new generation fuels.


Sustainable reconversion of ISAF in Gela

The permanent safety containment of the ISAF (Industria Siciliana Acido Fosforico) landfill site in Gela represents a model of safety and efficiency which perfectly responds to the principles of circular economy adopted by Eni Rewind. In this context an environmental requalification plan was developed, inspired by the most advanced principles of sustainability for the area's reconversion into a state-of-the-art photovoltaic power station. Today the landfill site has been fully reconverted and now generates clean energy, actively providing power to surrounding areas. An experience which confirms how cleanup operations at complex sites can be transformed into an added value for the territory.

Safety containment of the ISAF landfill site

Between 1981 and 1992, the year of its shut-down, ISAF, a fertiliser manufacturer, accumulated 5 million m3 of phosphogypsum in a landfill site, dislocated across a 52 hectare site. Procedures for the site's permanent safety containment, to ensure physical and hydraulic protection for the surrounding territory from chemical residues, took place between 2010 and 2012, along with the implementation of a permanent monitoring system.


A model of safety and efficiency

The special characteristics of the residues stored at the ISAF landfill site required a special effort in order to guarantee the safety of all workers operating at the site. These special qualities enabled the construction of an innovative and one-of-a-kind power plant:

  • 1

    338,351 hours of processing were required for operation, with the collaboration of 25 different companies and a monthly average of 80 workers at the work site (which peaked at 110);

  • 2

    a programme for physical surveillance and radiometric monitoring of the environment, under the supervision of qualified experts, confirming the safety and health conditions of workers;

  • 3

    a chemical monitoring programme for air quality confirmed that limits established for work areas were never exceeded;

  • 4

    22,700 photovoltaic panels providing an installed power of 5 MW, installed at the top of the landfill site, now generate 8,575 MWh per year.

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