Applied circularity

Towards a new paradigm of efficiency
We experiment and apply sustainable technologies inspired by circularity
The project through which we first developed our circularity was launched in 2016 in Gela with the permanent safety containment of the ISAF landfill site of phosphate chalks and the construction of the photovoltaic plant which saves 1,600 tons of oil per year, contextually reducing CO 2 emissions. In 2018, Gela also became the site of our Waste to Fuel pilot project, for the recovery of the organic fraction of solid urban waste (OFSUW).

Assemini is an absolute best practice inspired by circularity.At the site, we are currently building the first photovoltaic plant contemplated by Eni's Progetto Italia. Another project which effectively represents the way in which Eni Rewind strives to operate in terms of circularity, inclusiveness and the forging of constructive relations with stakeholders is the Ponticelle NOI - New Opportunities for Innovation project in Ravenna.

The concept of the right path as the one which leads us away from a linear economy towards a circular economy, an economy designed to regenerate itself, was already embraced by Eni Rewind a few years ago and transformed into the founding value of our company mission. Being a centre of excellence in waste recovery and management means we need to make pioneering, therefore extremely brave choices, to reduce the overall impact of our activities on the environment and for communities

Other applied circularity projects


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