Our story

A story of commitment renewed over time
Recovery and promotion are our lifeblood.

Our story is strongly interrelated with that of Eni's. Since 2003, the year in which Enichem handed over production activities to Polimeri Europa (today Versalis) and Syndial was renamed, we have focused on the reclamation of former industrial areas and on the management of water and waste. This path increased the company's environmental know how; it has since become a global contractor of Eni, broadening its scope of action to abroad. On 1st November 2019 Syndial became Eni Rewind.

The story of Eni in the chemical industry and the creation of Eni Rewind

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51% of Anic share capital was purchased, thanks to the foresightedness of Enrico Mattei, founder of Eni. In a short space of time, Eni became one of the Country's most important synthetic polymer production sites

As of this year, Anic built the petrochemical plants in Ravenna for the production of fertilisers and synthetic rubber, in Gela for the production of plastic materials and fertilisers, and Pisticci, for the production of intermediates for plastic materials, solvents and fibres

Società Chimica Larderello was founded, with 50/50 Anic/ Solvay share capital, for the management of the chlorine-sodium plant and the former Larderello Saltworks in Volterra

Acquisition of ABCD (Asphalt, Bitumen, Cements and Derivatives)

Acquisition of Terni Chemical Industries (ammonia). During the early Seventies, Anic diversified in the fine chemicals sector, pharmaceuticals in particular, with the acquisition of the companies Laboratori Chimici Farmacologici, Industrie Chimiche del Trentino, Bozzetto Industrie Chimiche and Sclavo

Between 1977 and 1978 Anic acquired Recordati, De.Bi (Derivati Biologici International) and Bellco

Hand over ex lege of EGAM in liquidation (mining and other activities)

In the wake of the crisis which struck the petrochemical sector during the Seventies, law no. 784 entrusted Eni with the management of the Sir-Rumianca groups (petrochemical, chlorine cycle, salt) and Liquichemica. Eni signed an agreement with the American company Occidental Petroleum, resulting in the joint venture Enoxy, for the development of synthetic rubber. In 1982 Eni bought the entire Enoxy shareholding

The plan to restructure the chemical sector got under way. The industrial complexes of Porto Torres, Cagliari, Pieve Vergonte and Avenza sites were all transferred over to Eni, for Sir; Augusta, Ferrandina and Saline Ionica for Liquichimica

EniChem was founded, the petrochemical company of Eni Group which took over the main activities of EniChimica. Since 1981 the latter had managed companies of the Anic group and acquired them. EniChem then created subsidiary companies, divided into and specialised in different industrial and production sectors Acquisition of Riveda da Montedison (plastic chemical, PVC, rubber)

Enimont was founded, the joint venture for the creation of a large public-private hub for the Italian chemicals sector, 50/50 EniChem, controlled by Eni, at the time a state body, and the private colossus Montedison

Montedison chemical assets were handed over to Eni, following the failure of the Enimont operation

Former Sameton handed over by Snam (mining sector)

The Eni privatisation process first began, with the floating of shares for the first time in 1995. Enirisorse and Pertusola Sud (mining activities) were transferred to Enichem

The fertiliser production plants on the Ravenna, Ferrara, Barletta and Terni sites were transferred to the Norsk Hydro Group

Liquidation of Agricoltura by Agip (agricultural fertiliser sector)

Enichem stopped all non-strategic production activities (except for Assemini) and proceeded with the demolition of inactive plants. Hand over of Singea in liquidation (mining metallurgy activity)

Syndial was created from Enichem, the Eni petrochemical company. The company inherited industrial areas and/or brownfields owned by Enichem - complete with the full burden of their reclamation. It focused its mission on the environmental sector. Production activities were transferred to Polimeri Europa (now Versalis)

Syndial incorporated residual activities of the Environmental Companies of the Scarlino and Ferrara sites (Environment Laboratory)

Syndial handed all production activities of the Porto Torres plant over to Polimeri Europa, maintaining its commitment to pursue reclamation activities at the site

Syndial acquired the Disposal branch of the company, focused on waste logistics

Syndial acquired the Environmental Service branch of Saipem, specialised in planning, engineering and environmental studies

Syndial acquired the R&M business unit of the company Punti Vendita, focused on the environmental management of industrial sites and decommissioned retail stores, in addition to cleanup and reclamation activities for stores still in business

Syndial started its management of Gela Refinery environmental assets, for the treatment of waters, by renting out the relative company branch With acquisitions made in 2015, 2016 and 2017, Syndial became Eni's reference point for environmental activities

The pilot Waste to Fuel plant was commissioned in Gela, for onsite experimentation of Eni proprietary technology capable of transforming the organic fraction of solid urban wast (OFSUW) into bio oil and water.

Syndial became Eni Rewind

The Eni Rewind Mission

We work in accordance with the principles of circular economy, to exploit industrial sites and waste through reclamation, efficient and sustainable recovery projects.

Eni Rewind S.p.A. - Company subject to direction and coordination by Eni S.p.A.

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