Our Governance

We have a flexible, compact structure based on efficiency criteria.


Eni Rewind managers

Our organisation is structured around three business lines and five cross-sectoral departments.

Our Corporate Governance system respects the principles of integrity and transparency

Our company falls under the management and coordination of Eni, with a Corporate Governance system designed to comply effectively with the principles of integrity and transparency. In accordance with Eni's guidelines and in compliance with the mandate of the Eni Rewind Shareholders' Meeting, the system assigns management responsibility to the Board of Directors, supervisory functions to the Board of Statutory Auditors and auditing functions to the auditing company. At present, our macro-structure comprises five business support departments and three operational lines reporting to the CEO: an agile and compact organisational structure designed to increase the effectiveness of activities in relation to strategic objectives. 

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Our governing bodies

The bodies that form Eni Rewind’s governance system are the Board of Directors, the Board of Statutory Auditors and the Shareholders' Assembly. The Chief Executive Officer is supported by the Management Committee, which consists of the company's top management.

The current Board of Directors was appointed by the Shareholders' Assembly on 26th April 2022 and includes:

  • Rita Marino Chairman
  • Paolo Grossi Chief Executive Officer
  • Massimo Laurenti Administrator
  • Monica Spada Administrator
  • Costantino Chessa Administrator

The Board of Statutory Auditors was appointed by the Shareholders' Assembly on on 9th April 2022 and includes:

  • Agostino Michele Casò Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors
  • Michele Pizzo Auditor 
  • Paola Camagni Auditor
  • Daniele Tozzato Deputy auditor
  • Anna Maria Faienza Deputy auditor

In accordance with the resolution passed by Eni Rewind's Board of Directors on the 29th November, 2023, the Supervisory Body, pursuant to Model 231/2001, includes:

  • Paolo Momigliano Chairman
  • Michele Brancadoro
  • Alfredo Lopez

The Whistleblowing Management System

Eni Rewind ensures the management, analysis and handling of whistleblowing reports received, including anonymously.

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