Riccardo Sabatini

Scientist & Entrepeneur

A world renown scientist and entrepreneur specialized in numerical modeling of complex system, ranging from material science, financial markets, computational genomics and drug design. Active supporter of high impact projects, he’s co-founder of the Refugees Action HUB center at MIT, educational effort of MIT targeting displaced populations around the world.


Work biography

In the past years, Riccardo Sabatini served as director of FoodCAST, an EU research project on food commodity markets forecasting.

Founding member of Aiida and Quantum ESPRESSO, the largest open source suite for quantum modeling of materials, he is also lead research scientist for Human Longevity, a Silicon Valley unicorn working at the intersection of genomics and artificial intelligence.

He has been a speaker at international events and conferences, including TED and WEF, and author in top ranking scientific journals, consultant for Fortune500 companies, inventor of several patents in biotech and IT, angel investor and board member for some groundbreaking start-ups in the field of artificial intelligence.

Today, Riccardo Sabatini is working on how to solve drug design at genomic scale with a stellar team of likeminded scientists at Orionis Biosciences. He is in fact chairman of the G7 for artificial intelligence, board member of the Fondazione ENI Enrico Mattei, advisor and supporter of the Human Code Foundation – a charity focusing on scientific dissemination –, angel investor and BoA of leading start-ups working in AI.

27/05/2021 - 9:00 AM