Scientific Research

Innovation underpins the company’s organic growth and evolution. The heart of Eni's research is dedicated to increasing efficiency, transforming businesses and creating game-changing technologies for the energy transition. A network of alliances with universities, research centres and industrial partners feeds a knowledge chain.


The path of ideas towards industrial maturity

A key driver of business transformation

Commitment to research and development is strategic to meet the challenge of the energy transition. From new ideas and knowledge, tested and developed in cooperation with important scientific and industrial partners, we want to generate cutting-edge solutions to speed up the progress towards our goal of Net Zero by 2050.

Eni's research follows three main lines:

  • Renewables and new types of energy, to support the development of renewable energy and energy storage and, in parallel, to develop breakthrough technologies such as magnetic confinement fusion.
  • Decarbonised solutions to reduce, capture, transform or store CO2, increasing energy efficiency, reducing emissions and promoting low-carbon energy carriers such as hydrogen and methanol.
  • Circular economy and bio-based products: to reduce, recycle and reuse products and by-products, transforming waste into value-added products for biorefineries, sustainable mobility and renewable chemistry.

A further line concerns Operational Excellence, i.e. the development of technologies to achieve the highest level of efficiency and safety with minimum environmental impact, while reducing costs and time to market.


Magnetic confinement fusion: energy that imitates the stars

A safe, sustainable and inexhaustible source of energy, a possible turning point in the decarbonization process we are supporting.

Going along the road, however long, towards this new energy source means heading towards a sustainable future, as fusion could make a substantial contribution to the mix of clean energy sources that are crucial to combating climate change.

Quirinale - Eni Award

Eni Award: our energy science award

An international award for research and technological innovation in the energy sector.

A reference point for energy research

Eni established the Eni Award in 2008, and since then it has become an international highlight for research and technological innovation applied to the world of energy. Its history spans five continents and the careers of dozens of researchers and scientists, with Nobel Prize winners among both jurors and laureates. As proof of the value of the initiative, the award ceremony takes place at the Quirinal Palace in Rome in the presence of the President of the Republic of Italy.

Speaker giving a talk on corporate Business Conference. Audience at the conference hall. Business and Entrepreneurship event.

Eni's main collaborations with universities and research centres

Alliances for the future of energy and the planet under the banner of innovation and the energy transition.

Improving energy in all its forms

In addition to expanding into the most strategic areas for the evolution of the energy sector, Eni's research and development also continues to focus on areas that are important to the business today, developing solutions to improve the efficiency, safety and sustainability of the company's activities across the entire value chain. 

From the exploration of new resources to refining, chemistry and environmental remediation, innovation is a driving force in engineering activities from the earliest stages of asset design and development, prototyping and pilot plants, through to industrial applications.

Preparing the future of energy and improving the present

We oversee all stages of the innovation process, from the most immediate to the most strategic. In addition to supporting research into game-changer energy solutions in line with the IEA's Net Zero scenario, we develop proprietary technologies that are readily deployable in our operations to increase efficiency and reduce GHG emissions. These include Ecofining™, a process by which we obtain high-quality biofuels from organic raw material like vegetable oil, animal fat, cooking oil and oil extracted from algae. This technology is already in use in the Venice and Gela bio-refineries.

Bioraffineria di Gela

Technologies supporting business

We develop proprietary technologies and implement them on an industrial level. These include Ecofining™, a process by which we obtain quality biofuels from organic raw material.