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Change demands leadership, and scientific research can make all the difference. We develop ideas, new technology and forge productive partnerships in our laboratories.

Fibre ottiche HPC5

HPC5: the supercomputer working for energy

The supercomputer we use to research new sources of energy is one of the most powerful and sustainable computing systems in the world.


HPC5 per EXSCALATE4CoV: il supercomputer contro il Coronavirus

Farmaci efficaci per fermare il virus SARS-CoV-2: HPC5 protagonista nel progetto europeo EXSCALATE4CoV per curare Covid-19.

Ricerca di laboratorio

Research for the energy transition

We are preparing for a low-carbon future by investing in research and development.

byEni Staff
21 May 2020
10 min read
telecommunication tower for 5G network,smart city equipment

5G testing negative to Coronavirus

Science reassures about the effects of new technologies on human organism.

byLuca Longo
15 October 2020
5 min read
Fusione e confinamento magnetico

Magnetic confinement fusion: energy that imitates the stars

A safe, sustainable and inexhaustible source of energy: a breakthrough in the path to decarbonization.

Reattore a fusione Tokamak. Camera di reazione.

Nuclear fusion - a potential source of energy?

Nuclear fusion could become a safe, reliable and convenient energy source.

byAmanda Saint
05 February 2020
5 min read

CNR for sustainable development and research in Southern Italy

Water, agriculture, the Arctic, fusion: we are working with CNR's centres in Metaponto, Portici, Lecce and Gela on research projects into decarbonization.


Collaboration between Eni and MIT in Boston

The strategic collaboration between Eni and MIT began in 2008 and spawned unique technologies in the field of sustainability.