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Our journey has just begun

Magnetic confinement fusion

A safe, clean and limitless source of energy.

The fusion of two hydrogen nuclei releases an enormous amount of energy with zero impact. Creating it artificially is challenging, but it could provide limitless, clean fusion energy to help combat climate change.


Commonwealth Fusion System

CFS has assembled a world-class team building smaller and lower-cost tokamak fusion systems, followed by the first net energy-producing fusion machine.

Energy Storage

Making renewables fully sustainable by ensuring they are always available.

We are deeply interested in new technologies able to store renewable energy production peaks and redistribute it to the grid.


Form Energy

As part of the transition to renewables, Form Energy is developing a new kind of battery that would eliminate the need for coal and gas entirely and enable a 100 percent renewable, carbon-free grid.

Decarbonizing Natural Gas

Further lowering the carbon footprint of natural gas.

Utilizing the chemical energy contained in the carbon–hydrogen bonds of methane without the co-production of carbon dioxide.



This hard-tech start-up is developing a technology for blue hydrogen generation through methane pyrolysis, by using high-temperature catalytic melt systems whilst capturing and sequestering solid black carbon.