We are investing in high-growth start-ups with the most disruptive technologies.


Our journey has just begun

Energy transition: Eni’s transformation also depends on open innovation

Eni Next is contributing to Eni’s transformation through investments in startups which are developing technologies for producing energy with low carbon footprint: renewable energies, energy storage, and magnetic fusion are some of the focus areas. Eni Next is also engaged in evaluating and investing in startups which aim at improve the efficiency of Eni’s operations and to develop digital solutions.

Magnetic confinement fusion

A safe, clean and limitless source of energy.

The fusion of two hydrogen nuclei releases an enormous amount of energy with zero impact. Creating it artificially is challenging, but it could provide limitless, clean fusion energy to help combat climate change.


Energy storage

Making renewables fully sustainable by ensuring they are always available.

We are deeply interested in new technologies able to store renewable energy production peaks and redistribute it to the grid.



Hydrogen is becoming an important part of our clean and secure energy future.

All hydrogen takes to release the energy is oxygen, and the only byproduct is water: it is clean and versatile 


Quantum computing

Solving the biggest computational challenges.

Silicon chips era is close to its end and we are looking for emerging computing technologies able to meet the future needs.