When you access or interact with the website (“Website”), services, tools or messaging systems, we – or our authorised service providers – may use cookies, web beacons and other similar technologies for advertising purposes and to store information in order to offer you a better, faster and more secure service.

The aim of this page is for us to provide further information on the technologies adopted and how they are used on the Website and in our services and tools. A summary is provided below of some important aspects to be aware of as regards the use of these technologies, as well as the full text of our Cookie Policy.

Our cookies and similar technologies have various functions. They are used to ensure the functioning of our services and allow us to improve performance, offer additional features, or offer you advertising that is targeted or in line with your interests. We use cookies and similar technologies that remain on your device only for the duration of the browser session (session cookies) or for a longer period (permanent cookies). You can block, delete or deactivate them if permitted by your device. You can manage cookies and cookie preferences via your device or browser settings.

Where possible, security measures are implemented to prevent unauthorised access to cookies and similar technologies. A unique code guarantees that only us and/or our authorised service providers can access cookie data. For the processing of your personal data in relation to cookies issued directly by us, the data controller is Eni Next, LLC. For processing activities relating to cookies issued by third parties, each third party is an independent data controller.

The service providers are companies that support us in various aspects of our business, dealing for example with operations, advertising services and website tools. We use our authorised service providers to show you advertising in line with your interests, our services and on other webpages. These service providers may place cookies on your device via our services (third-party cookies). They can also obtain information that allows them to identify your device, such as its IP address or other unique or device-specific codes.

The information that has to be shown on websites that use cookies is provided below.

What are cookies, web beacons and similar technologies

Like most websites, we use small data files that are saved on your computer, tablet, mobile phone, or other mobile device (referred to collectively as "device") to record certain data each time you access or interact with the Website, services and tools.

The specific names and types of cookies, web beacons and other similar technologies used may change over time. To give you a better understanding of the policy and the use of these technologies, some terms with their definitions are provided below:

Cookie: small text files (usually comprising letters and numbers) that are saved in the browser or device memory when you visit a site or view a message. Cookies allow a site to recognise a particular device or browser. There are various types of cookies:

  • Session cookies expire at the end of the browser session and allow us to link together your actions during that specific session
  • Permanent cookies stay saved on your device even after the end of the browser session and make it possible to remember your preferences or actions on multiple websites.
  • First-party cookies are set by the website that you are visiting.
  • Third-party cookies are set by a website other than the website you are visiting.

Cookies can be disabled or removed using the tools available in most browsers. Cookie preferences have to be set separately for each browser used, as each of them offers specific features and options.

Web beacon: small images, also known as "pixel tags" or “clear GIFs", which we may include in our websites, services, apps, messages and tools. They generally work with cookies to identify our users and their activities.

Similar technologies: technologies that store data in the browser or device using locally shared objects or local storage, such as flash cookies, HTML 5 cookies, and other software methods for web applications. These technologies work in all browsers. In some cases, the use of local storage cannot be managed in full through browsers and has to be managed using specific tools. We do not use these technologies to store information for creating targeted advertisements on our or other websites.

The terms "cookies" and "similar technologies" can be used interchangeably in this policy, referring to all the technologies used to store data in your browser or device or to technologies that collect data or which enable you to be identified in the manner described above.

The cookies present on the Website are shown below:

Cookie name Description Cookie type Expiring period Source and owner Type of information recorded Use case Who has access to information
BIGipServerLBA-OPENSSO, BIGipServerPASSWORD, TS37032a, TS37f814, TS5c16bc, TS96e1ec, TSfbb549, fedtarget, oslight, qslight, fedtarget, AMAuthCookie, amlbcookie, RELING Allows to improve services to logged users technical session end alphanumerical Authentication Eni
BX,B,xb Allows Flickr to provide tailored services third party 2 years - All pages activating a Flickr channel flickr yahoo
JSESSIONID Allows to recognize user session technical session end unique session identifier All the website Eni
PREF, VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE, GEUP, YSC Allows Youtube to provide tailored services third party end of session / 8 months, 2 years according to the cookie - All pages activating a Youtube channel Youtube
NID,PREF Allows Google to provide tailored services third party 6 months/2 years - All the website Google
bcookie, bscookie, lidc Allows Linkedin to provide tailored services third party 1 day/2 years according to the cookie - More social media Linkedin
__atuvc, uit, uid, di2, dt, loc,__atuvs Allows to share website contents on social media third party 2 years / 1 months according to the cookie addthis - All the website AddThis
eni_mobile_2014_yes,eni_mobile_2014_no After user selects mobile or desktop navigation, the preference is recalled on following access technical 1 month yes/no Accessing homepage through mobile browser Eni
info Limits the view of cookie notification banner to the first only access technical session end yes All the website Eni
infopermanent, accept, WTLOPTOUT Allows to recall user's choice on analytics cookies' preferences technical session end/permanent cookie according to the cookie 1/yes Cookie policy page Eni
_ga Used to distinguish users technical - analytics 2 years alphanumeric Navigation Eni
_gid Used to distinguish users technical - analytics 24 hours alphanumeric Navigation Eni
_gat Used to throttle request rate. Deployed via Google Tag Manager, this cookie will be named _dc_gtm_ technical - analytics 1 minute alphanumeric Navigation Eni
BlueKai Allows to collect anonymized data about a user’s web usage, in order to build an anonymous profile of the online behavior and what they are interested in. This data is used to learn more about user’s interests and to provide tailored advertising and marketing communications. 3rd Party Cookie 30 days User Behaviour Targeting and Analysis Eni
demdex Audience Manager sets this cookie to assign a unique ID to a site visitor. The demdex cookie helps Audience Manger perform basic functions such as visitor identification, ID synchronization, segmentation, modeling, reporting, etc. 3rd Party Cookie 180 days unique visitor identifier profiling, targeting, personalization Eni
dextp Audience Manager sets this cookie to record the last time it made a data synchronization call. 3rd Party Cookie 180 days data synchronization record profiling, targeting, personalization Eni
dst Audience Manager sets this cookie when there's an error sending data to a destination. 3rd Party Cookie 180 days sending data error profiling, targeting, personalization Eni
_dp Temporary cookie. Audience Manager tries to set the _dp cookie to determine if it can set other cookies in the domain in a third-party context. 3rd Party Cookie - - - - Eni

User choice and use of cookies, web beacons and similar technologies

Certain features, services and tools of the Website are only available if these technologies are used. You can always block, delete, or disable them if your browser, installed app, or device allows. However, if you reject cookies or other similar technologies, you may not be able to take advantage of certain features, services, apps or tools on the Website. The Website may require you to re-enter your password several times during a session. When you first access the Website – and in any case until you have expressed your choice – we give you the option of whether or not to allow the use of cookies. Specifically, by clicking on OK or X, you will give your consent to the use of cookies . For more information on how to block, delete or disable these technologies, refer to your device or browser settings.
In general, these technologies allow the Website to store important information in your browser or device and then use it later to identify you on our servers or internal systems. Where applicable, we protect cookies and other similar technologies to ensure that only we and/or our authorised service providers can interpret them by assigning them a unique code. Your personal data is not stored in cookies or other similar technologies used.
All personal information acquired and stored through the use of these technologies is obtained only after notifying you and requesting your express and deliberate consent. We obtain your consent by clearly informing you of the use of the technologies and giving you the opportunity to disable them, as described above.

The uses of these technologies fall into the following general categories:

  1. Operationally necessary use. The use of cookies, web beacons or other similar technologies may be necessary for the operation of websites, services, apps and tools. This includes technologies that allow you to access the websites, services, apps and tools required to prevent fraudulent activity and improve your security or use other features such as shopping carts, saved searches or similar features.
  2. Performance-related use or analytical cookies. We may use cookies, web beacons or other similar technologies to evaluate the performance of our websites, apps, tools and services, including as part of analysis activities to understand how visitors use our websites, to determine whether they have interacted with our messaging system or viewed an item or link, or to improve the content, apps, services or tools on the website.
  3. Function-related use. We may use cookies, web beacons or other similar technologies to provide you with advanced functions when you access or use our websites, services, apps or tools. With these features, we can, for example, identify users who access our websites or monitor their preferences, interests or previously viewed objects to improve the presentation of content on our websites.
  4. Use for advertising or customising content. With your consent, which must be deliberately and expressly provided, we may use our or third-party cookies and web beacons to offer content, including advertisements relevant to your interests, on our websites or on third-party websites. This includes the use of technologies to better assess the usefulness of advertising and content presented to you, for example by monitoring whether or not you have selected an advertisement.

To refuse the use of third-party advertising cookies and web beacons, see the section "Advertising networks and exchanges operated by third parties" below. By rejecting first-party and third-party advertising cookies and web beacons, as set forth below, you will still see our advertising, but it will not be targeted to your interests, as it would be if you used first-party or third-party cookies and web beacons or related technologies.

If you wish to reject all other types of technologies used on our websites, services, apps or tools, you may do so by blocking, deleting or disabling them as permitted by your device or browser.

Use of these technologies by third-party service providers

We may partner with third-party companies, generally known as service providers, that are authorized to use cookies, web beacons or similar technologies to store data on the Website or in our services and tools. These service providers allow us to offer you a better, faster and safer experience on our websites.
These service providers may use these technologies to help us offer you our content and advertising and to create anonymous website statistics and analyses. We do not permit any of our service providers to collect your personal information on the Website or through our services or tools for their own purposes. These service providers are subject to confidentiality agreements with us and other legal restrictions on the use or collection of any personal information. The use of third-party cookies is governed by the privacy policies of those third parties.
Except for use of such technologies by our service providers or other authorised third parties, we do not accept any content from individuals on the websites that includes or uses cookies, web beacons, local storage or similar technologies to monitor or acquire your personal information.

Advertising networks and exchanges operated by third parties

We may use third parties, such as advertising networks and exchanges, to provide our users with advertising messages. Such third-party providers of advertising networks and exchanges may use cookies, web beacons or similar third-party technologies to gather information. They can also collect the device identification code, IP address or identifier for advertisers (IDFA). The information gathered by these third parties may be used to enable us to present you with advertising messages in line with your interests on our websites or elsewhere on the web. The use of third-party cookies is governed by the privacy policies of those third parties.
For more information about third-party cookies in advertising and how to disable them, you may visit the following third-party websites:

  • (available in English only)
  • (available in English only)

User rights

You have the right to obtain confirmation at any time of the existence of your personal data. In particular, you have the right to be informed of the origin of your data, the purposes and methods of processing, the logic applied to processing by electronic means, the identification data of the data controller, data processor or persons in charge.
You also have the right to obtain the updating, rectification or integration of your data, as well as to object to the processing for legitimate reasons.
You can exercise your rights via the Email Us section.
For all other information on the collection and processing of personal data, please refer to the Website Privacy Policy .