Hydrogen from the sea

No desalination, no purification, no toxic wastes: sHYp introduces the first electrolyser to use sea water to produce hydrogen

sHYp was founded in 2019 to develop a membrane free electrolyzer that can produce hydrogen from renewable energy and sea water without the need for desalination.

Technological challenge

Green hydrogen is considered the key to store surplus renewable energy as well as the source for emission neutral fuel for aviation and shipping. It can also contribute to CO₂ free steel and cement production. Current technology needs pure water to produce hydrogen and the cost of energy determins its price.

sHYp’s membrane free electrolyzer can use sea water without desalination nor purification.

The fact that sHYp uses sea water also allows for harvesting additional byproducts such as CO₂ and Brucite which help reduce the cost of its hydrogen production to an attractive price point and allows for the production of emission neutral fuels for aviation and shipping.


sHYp’s technology


Green hydrogen is key to making use of surplus renewable energy and decarbonize hard to abate industries such as aviation, shipping, steel and cement production. sHYp’s technology can deliver green hydrogen at affordable prices to make it happen.

Carl Fischer, CEO and co-founder