A portfolio of solutions to help reaching climate neutrality where it’s not possible to completely prevent source emissions.

Technologies to capture, store and use carbon

Collectively known as CCUS – Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage – these technologies prevent COescaping into the atmosphere from many industrial processes, and either store it permanently in deep rock formations (CCS) or convert it into useful materials (CCU).

CCUS technologies are gaining renewed interest as a solution to help decarbonize the global economy and reach climate neutrality, especially for industries that use large amounts of energy and don’t have other viable solutions to limit them.

Capturing the emissions uses technologies which either directly capture CO2 from the air or from concentrated sources such as industrial plants producing steel and cement. Once it’s captured, the CO2 is then transported to where it can be permanently stored in underground rock formations, or reused as raw material for products such as biofuels, chemicals and building materials.