Water and waste management

Our water and waste management policy
2 million tons of waste managed in 2019

The intrinsic nature of its environmental mission means that Eni Rewind strives to recover and reuse water and waste.

In this perspective the company considers the role of water to be crucial, as a natural capital, and promotes its efficient management to reduce its extraction from nature and maximise its reuse at production sites or in farming, for irrigation purposes.

The transformation of waste generated by reclamation activities involves actions to minimise its generation, such as on-site reclamation, or to improve sustainability in disposal and treatment processes.

In line with the best practices of the sector, Eni Rewind also manages industrial waste for Eni and its companies with an operations plan which aims to increase the proportion of recovery-based solutions as opposed to landfill disposal.

Since 2018 the company is also committed to the recovery of organic waste from the agrifood industry and left over food through Waste to Fuel plants which transform OFSUW, which stands for the organic fraction of solid urban waste, into bio oil and bio methane, thus also enabling the recovery of water naturally contained in separately collected humid waste. Developed from proprietary Eni technology, the Waste to Fuel project is currently under experimentation at the Gela pilot plant.


Water treatment

Eni Rewind manages 42 groundwater treatment plants - TAF (25 of which are its own property), treating a total 31 million cubic metres of water per year.


Waste management

For Eni Rewind, the most significant environmental impact is determined by waste caused by reclamation and industrial activities. This is why the company guarantees the entire waste cycle management process, from production to disposal, in full compliance with relative laws and regulations in force, with the aim of reducing risks by means of constant monitoring.




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