Waste management

We manage the cycle of waste from our environmental activities and from Eni's industrial activities, in compliance with current legislation.

Our contribution to the waste circular economy

The recovery of waste and industrial effluents is an important objective of the circular economy, we intend to pursue it to support a more sustainable development model. As Eni's environmental company, we manage the cycle of waste produced by Eni's industrial activities or produced during remediation and decommissioning, guaranteeing constant control of the entire chain on a daily basis in compliance with current legislation. In line with industry best practice, we adopt solutions to increase the proportion of waste sent for recovery as an alternative to other disposal options. Specifically, we ensure the environmental sustainability of our remediation work by using established in-situ technologies, such as biopile and soil washing, to minimise the disposal of contaminated soil through recovery. In 2021, we managed around 2 million tonnes of waste, about 81% of which was on behalf of Eni and over 70% of recoverable waste was recovered.


Optimising logistics to reduce environmental impact

We are committed to logistics solutions that prioritise treatment plants close to the production site (Km 0) in order to reduce the transport of waste by road and the resulting environmental impact. In 2021 about 88% of the total volume of waste was handled within a 400 km radius from its production site.

With Laboraee for a circular social economy

In 2018, we started a collaboration with the company LaboRAEE to recover Eni's electrical and electronic waste (WEEE). The three-year agreement involves the treatment of R4 classified WEEE (personal computers, peripherals and servers) in the plant managed by Laboraee at Bollate prison, and addresses the need to promote the social and work inclusion of inmates. The plant occupies an area of approximately 3,000 m², is fitted with a photovoltaic system for the production of green energy and employs five people.