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Francesca Zarri


Francesca Zarri is presently in charge of coordinating Eni’s technological innovation activities.

Work biography

After graduating with a degree in mining engineering, she joined Eni in 1997 as a reservoir engineer.

Since then she has held several positions worldwide ranging from technical roles to project management all the way to being Vice President for West Africa Projects Monitoring and Technical Coordination, then Development Projects Director in Eni Congo and finally Senior Vice President Italian Activities Coordination.

Since 2020 Francesca has been appointed Technology, R&D & Digital Director, with the role of supervising the process of defining the innovation strategy, the implementation of research and innovation projects and of digital and information technology solutions to enable Eni’s path towards a low-carbon future.

Since 2020, she is also the President of Eniservizi, the President and CEO of SPI and the Eni representative in Assomineraria.

28/06/2021 - 9:00 AM