Low Emission Hydrogen

Low emission and low cost hydrogen from sour gases.


Thiozen is a newly formed company from MIT focused on commercializing a novel chemical process to generate low emission hydrogen from sour gases. Their new process has the potential to dramatically reduce emissions from sour gas processing and hydrogen gas production. 

In 2021, Thiozen raised a seed round led by Eni Next with participation from Good Growth Capital and Mount Wilson Ventures. Thiozen will use these funds to scale its technology to a commercial demonstration. Success will accelerate the energy transition by allowing large energy customers to turn a sour gas waste stream into valuable low emission hydrogen.

Thiozen is based in Beverly, MA at the Northshore InnoVentures Lab.

Technological challenge

Hydrogen gas is a key chemical feedstock and energy vector important in energy, agriculture, consumer goods, and transportation. Unfortunately, its production is carbon intensive, resulting in the production of over 2% of global greenhouse gas emissions. The combined necessity of the product and high emission nature of its production presents a significant technical challenge; a challenge that despite decades of research and development has yet to be solved commercially.  

Thiozen breaks from traditional solutions by using a common energy sector waste stream, hydrogen sulfide, as a feedstock for its hydrogen generating process unit. By coupling waste disposal, chemical feedstock production, and climate impact management Thiozen’s patented, novel approach presents an ultra-efficient solution for firms that are struggling to meet their decarbonization commitments.   


Thiozen is a pragmatic response to greenhouse gas emissions for the energy industry along their path to decarbonization. Commitments to reduce GHG are just words until the technology that allows these reductions is brought to market. We are excited to be working with investors that shares our vision of a low carbon world.

Dr. Ryan Gillis, CEO