Quantum computing with neutral atoms

A scalable, reliable and energy efficient solution to solve every world’s biggest challenges.


Pasqal has developed a full stack neutral atoms 200 qubits quantum computer used by customers. This French start-up, founded in 2019, develops and commercializes quantum computers that address complex computational problems ranging from fundamental science to global societal challenges.

The company builds on the advances made for more than a decade by Antoine Browaeys and Thierry Lahaye's team at the Institute of Optics (IOGS, CNRS - France) in the field of control and applications of cold neutral atoms. The elementary information elements of PASQAL - the Qubits - are laser-cooled rubidium atoms, individually trapped in optical tweezers and which can be manipulated with lasers, in a non-contact and scalable way. This is a unique tool to create and control complex quantum systems through the interaction of Qubits with light, which gives access to useful physical parameters with precision.

Quantum solutions to be developed by Eni and PASQAL

Eni and PASQAL, leader in neutral atoms quantum computing, announced the establishment of a collaboration to develop next-generation HPC (high performance computing) solutions for the energy sector through quantum computing, an innovative tool that could further accelerate the energy transition.
Eni is currently researching a broad range of energy applications along all its value chain (Upstream, Downstream, Chemicals and Renewables).

The utilization of PASQAL’s proprietary algorithms will allow Eni to accelerate these and other fields of research and unlock new capabilities.

Beyond the traditional processors

Pasqal’s quantum computers will provide a powerful computational advantage by complementing traditional processors. Thanks to the development of its customer-oriented offer, on the whole value chain, from hardware to software, the company has been able to build partnerships on complex and concrete problems. 

Technological challenge

Computing limitation slow enterprise growth and quantum computing will uncap computing limitation.

Quantum computing stands on highly complex technologies. Pasqal technology is based on Neutral atom and is already in production. Pasqal chose and tailored the most scalable technology.


A visit at quantum computing startup Pasqal


The concept of quantum computing has been around for decades. Now it's the right timing to transform it into business tools. The underlying technologies are advanced enough and the market is in need for new computing solutions. Neutral atoms is leading the way.

Georges-Olivier Reymond, CEO Pasqal