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Eni i-Care vehicle care - processing with system. With the brand i-Care, Eni offers washing liquids for car windscreens and vehicle care products for commercial use.

Eni i-Care superclean winter products are perfectly suited to vehicle windscreen and headlight washer systems. They provide for spotlessly clean windows and optimum freeze protection with an additional nano effect.

Eni i-Care superclean winter products are characterized by the fact that in Austria and Germany no fire classification applies to this formulation. They remove dust, insects as well as oil and silicone residues effortlessly. Ethylene glycol and polyols guarantee reliable freeze protection even at extreme temperatures. Special additives slow down the regeneration of ice on the windows and keep the spray nozzles operative. Special nano particles facilitate the removal of liquids and prevent new dirt from settling on the glass surfaces. The surfactant system is easily biodegradable.


For professional users there are complete care products, cold cleaning agents, brush washing systems and hand-cleaning agents.

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