Metalworking Fluids

Metalworking Fluids

Metalworking Fluids
Metalworking fluids is a macro-category in which there is a multitude of products for an enormous variety of uses related to the production processes of mechanical components of all types and sizes.
Also in terms of composition, this is a widely varying macro-category in which mineral and synthetic oils are used, as well as all kinds of chemical products. In this specific sector there are both generic products, in terms of application, and specific products, designed for particular plants and customers. This is why such products require technical assistance in order to highlight the characteristics of each individual application and develop the necessary modifications to ensure that the product is able to meet the specific lubrication requirements.
The best results in metalworking can only be obtained through close cooperation between the supplier and customer and the creation of a partnership between the two.

A focus on people
Nowadays, everyone comes into daily contact with a number of so-called “allergen potentials”. These are loads on the skin that make the development of an allergy more likely, including chemical substances in our working environment or home. In order to prevent allergies and complications, the main concern today is to avoid any such “allergen potentials”".

Aquamet – more safety at work
Aquamet products were developed with the goal of reducing the biocides that are normally used in coolants as far as possible so as to minimize the allergen potential of these active substances. We are breaking new ground here, because only innovation means progress. At the same time we take our bearings from not just statutory limits but also the latest occupational health and safety findings.

A focus on your production machines
The demands on modern manufacturing processes in metalworking are growing steadily, be these difficult cutting operations in high-strength steels or complex geometries. The same applies for effective workpiece cleaning and corrosion protection. Modern processing agents are an important parameter in all machinery processes, particularly regarding their contribution to maximizing performance and simultaneously reducing the process costs.

Aquamet – the success factor for your production costs
Aquamet coolants face up to any technical challenge. They stand for maximum performance through longer tool lives, contribute to high dimensional accuracies and the best surface qualities. Agip aquamet products are characterized by an extraordinary biostability and permit the longest tool lives. Low discharge losses reduce the replenishment amounts and make an important added contribution to lowering the process costs.

A focus on the environment
One of the biggest challenges for the future will be the sparing use of our given resources.  Special attention will have to be paid to both the optimum use of raw materials as well as the far-sighted planning of the ecological processing or disposal of waste products from the manufacturing processes.

Aquamet – optimizes and spares resources
Our coolants offer the longest tool lives. This cuts not only your machine downtimes due to a change of product but also significantly reduces your waste disposal quantities. We cut your consumption through lower replenishment amounts on account of the reduced discharge losses. Agip aquamet products thus make an important contribution to the optimized use of resources in your production processes.


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Last updated on 06/09/21