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When it comes to heating your own four walls or your business premises, Eni is on hand as your reliable partner. Advanced technology and high-quality brand products make sure that from energy costs to environmental protection, every single aspect of modern heating solutions is carefully considered.

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Heating Oil
Heating oil is a liquid fuel based on crude oil and is classified in different categories  according to properties such as density, boiling point, viscosity or sulphur content These differ considerably according to the field of operation and quality standards. The most important heating oils are the extra light oil and heavy oil.

In Austria Eni supplies heating oils corresponding to the present ÖNORMs

For example:
extra light heating oil – more or less sulphur-free – as per ÖNORM C 1109
heavy heating oil on request as per ÖNORM C 1108
light heating oil Schwechat 2000
Eni heating oil additive “Eni thermotechplus” for optimizing extra light heating oil.


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