Engine Oils

Engine Oils

Eni offers a wide range of high-tech lubricants, which satisfy the requirements of all car engines.
Whether in city cars, in flagships or in sports cars, powered by petrol or diesel, the Eni lubricants perform with the highest reliability in every condition of use.
Eni lubricants comply with the most recent and strict specifications of automobile manufacturers and the automotive industry and consequently assure the best protection and conservation of every part of the engine.
Diesel engines and petrol engines have some general requirements concerning lubricants in common but each has its own critical areas, connected not only to the thermal cycle but also to operational conditions: the petrol engines are typically motor car engines, those which are diesel are also commercial and industrial vehicles (lorries, building site vehicles, tractors, coaches, etc.).
The quality of a engine oil is defined by the performance tests run on the engines on the test bed and often with tests on vehicles (fleet tests).
The test on engines on the test bed are performed in particularly severe conditions, following standardized procedures, which simulate critical operation situations.
Other tests, with laboratory equipment, define the viscosimetric characteristics and compatibility with materials (gaskets, etc.)



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