Fuels, heating oil and special products
Eni is represented in the Austrian market for fuels, heating oil and special products with a large independent trading network. Via these dealers we offer high quality and competitive solutions especially for:
  • use in households (heating oil)
  • customers in industry (heating, fuels for fleets, bitumen and other special products)

High-tech lubricants for all purposes
Eni offers a wide range of high-tech lubricants for a large variety of applications. We offer customer-specific solutions which have been specially developed for all individual needs.
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17.500 Europe-wide acceptance points
Whether you operate a fleet or manage a forwarding company, the multicard pays off for your business.
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With Eni you have everything from a single source
If you are interested in more information about our products and service programmes, please contact us
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Last updated on 06/06/12